Thursday, November 24, 2016

The scandal at Large: children are not allowed to “Swan lake” Вести.Ru

the Bolshoi theatre is ready to return the money to the parents, not trapped together with the children to the ballet “Swan lake”. At the entrance, they missed the administrator because the tickets were listed for 12+. While adults were the play of children from three to seven.

Age labeling introduced in Russia four years ago. The law defines several levels of constraints, 0, 6, 12, 16 and 18 — all plus. To classify your products by categories must themselves manufacturers or distributors. If desired — can bring experts.

To the information banned for distribution among children classified as one where there is cruelty and violence. Promotion of drugs, tobacco and alcohol. Swearing. Pornography.

These prohibitions are understandable. But most producers complain that it is not always possible to determine the grounds on which a film, play or book falls under one category or the other. Subjective factors are many. Why, for example, “Swan lake” and “Nutcracker” and “the Story of Kai and Gerda” at the Bolshoi recommend to those who are older than 12 years?

the Ministry of culture, by the way, proposes to make mandatory the application icon only “18+”. And have already prepared a bill.

“I’m Sorry, but you will not pass”. If earlier it said only drunken guest Nightclubs, now this can be heard in a Large theatre.

the history of the Muscovite Alexandra Vasyukova blew up the whole Runet. There and opinion is divided over who is to blame: the Bolshoi theatre or the mother herself, which put a “child dragged and boring to watch.”

But for the daughter of Alexandra ballet — the future of the profession. And see the dance of the little swans was the highest happiness. It is easy to imagine the reaction of even the most obedient child, when the dream is fading away.

“She understood that it is not allowed in the theater is that she doesn’t see the party of the little swans. And this little baby pleadingly went and asked the usher: “let me go to the show”. Before we went on performances in “don Quixote” at the evening session and had no problems,” — said Alexander Vasyukov.

the anti-hero who turned the magic of ballet in a nightmare, became the administrator of the theater. I must say, the role he managed. That evening, he was not allowed beyond the lobby is a whole group of viewers with children. But those people, unlike Alexandra arrived from St. Petersburg, especially for “Swan lake” at the Bolshoi.

Invoked by the worker of the theater on a hard and fast rule. Ballet is labeled as 12+, they say the kids have nothing to do here. Which is weird, because in all theaters, including the next — Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko “Swan lake” is listed as 6+. Really shaped the death of Odette thought capable of someone to injure?

it is Important to understand that the age limit is not a law but only a recommendation. So, the same qualification 12+ should not have been cause of failure. But as it turned out, the theater is a practice to “endorse” tickets, if you come with a child. That is, buy a ticket, come to the theater, go to the administrator and he decides to let you in or not.

“Certainly, if companies are not allowed children of a certain age, the theatre has the right to refuse. If such rules are, and they are brought to the attention of the audience,” said Alexey Sirenko, PhD.

And in a Large well. On the site and it appears that regardless of the markings on evening performances allowed children older than 10 years. But there is also written that these rules are valid since this summer. Perhaps many simply were not aware of?

“I think that next to the receptionist passed his superiors, that’s all. I don’t think someone out there much did matter. I regularly even in the evening see the kids in the hall, even very tiny: 4, 5, 6 years. Even in the Large,” — said Leila Guchmazova, the correspondent of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, the expert jury of the national theatre award “Golden mask”.

the Conflict would have remained local. But after a wave of indignation to Express a decided and General Director of the Bolshoi Vladimir urin. These rules introduced after numerous complaints of other viewers. It is clear that the majority of the children theatre is not always a joy.

“If I was there my heart would have collapsed, especially if the child was crying. I would have gone, but this is incorrect. Unfortunately, people complain: we paid a lot of money for a hike, watching was impossible. Child crucilla, all the time talking, watching was impossible. And what is the fault of the people who sit near you?” – explained Vladimir urin, General Director of the Bolshoi theatre.

But in this case, the administrator just didn’t want to analyze each case individually. Equalize all. To return money for tickets to Alexandra, and this is the way thirty thousand rubles, that day the cashier refused. Referred to, they say, the show is already underway.

But today, during his official statements, Vladimir urin promised in this case to reimburse the cost would be a good tone.


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