Thursday, November 17, 2016

The creature among us – merchant

movie Premiere

In the Russian hire starts the first film of the new franchise “Fantastic beasts and where they live”, screenwriter of which was herself, J. K. Rowling, author “Harry Potter”. Together with Director David Yates, who directed four of the last picture of the MAG to a half-blood, she was able to create a perfect bestiary, which was a place nyclu, licence and lancelance, says ELENA KRAWCZUN.

Five years have passed since then, how come the last film about Harry Potter, but the door was left open. And here the magical universe created by novelist JK Rowling returns to cinemas. However, to be included in the event of a new franchise (“Fantastic beasts and where they live” is only the first of five films), not necessarily to be a loyal Harry Potter fan: the creators of the series begin as if from scratch — with new characters and circumstances.

Main events now happen at Hogwarts (although the mention of the legendary school and Dumbledore is), and in the US 1920-ies, 70 years before Harry Potter reads in the school textbook “Fantastic beasts and where they live”. In the realm of the adults takes place two storylines — easier and more difficult. In simple we get acquainted with the future author of many books on unusual animals, and the subtle and faddish magizoology the Scamander (the Oscar-winning Eddie Redmayne), who arrives in new York with a bag full of fantastic creatures, and eventually loses track of some of their latest finds. Hero Redmana much more comfortable in the company of animals than people. In my suitcase, which works like a magical portal, he holds a zoo, where they live lovingly collected them of strange creatures, from the bizarre enumeration of the names and properties of breathtaking. For example, a diving sinister, a cross between a reptile and a giant butterfl y secretes a poison that erases memories. And nosorog (for females which Scamander dance the most ridiculous mating dance, comparable only with the jig-kicking the mad Hatter from “Alice”) can touch the horns blow up items. But there is another Gorelovka, artistrun, Lunteren, bird-thunder, a charming prankster nuhl — kleptomaniac, greedy for shiny things, and Ukrainian stilbruch (the largest kind of serpents), where the Scamander, he said, was looking, while others fought on the Eastern front. National Geographic channel would have died of envy.

Fate pushes Scamander with a good-natured fat man by Jacob Kowalski (Dan fogler) who wants to make people happy and to make scones. With Scamander they make a very comical couple, just like Tarapunka and Plug. Newcomer to pay close attention to Tina Goldstein (Katherine Waterston), a magician-investigator, trying to regain the trust of the Magical Congress of the office for North America. The fourth in this company, “Musketeers” gets a younger sister Tina Queenie (Alison Sudol), a charming magician who is constantly mind-reading.

More complex layer dedicated to the alternative universe in which the villain becomes the predecessor of the flounce-de-mort, a full-blooded dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald, whom we already met an elderly man in the potterian. Of Grindelwald is played by johnny Depp, who in this role looks like Mr. Chubby Cheeks already be aware that in future with the franchise his character will occupy a significant position. Especially in the “Fantastic creatures” the question of segregation of mages in the world people are touched only tangentially.

Hobby Rowling childhood trauma finds its expression here. Ezra Miller plays a reclusive young man of Creedence, who suffers beatings and abuse from the adoptive mother, who heads the crusade against witches and sorcerers. In the Saga of Harry Potter was enough of tragedy and black humor, but here at the riot of imagination, colour and special effects the moral compass Rowling suddenly failed. Punished her in the end is the one who suffered most, and this causes extreme confusion, growing happy heroes, that all has ended so happily. Such social comment which, by the way, has always been an integral part of the novels, Rowling was a couple of hours from the portfolio of Scamander, and not come out.


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