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The phenomenon of “Eternal Rome” in the Tretyakov gallery – an unprecedented event – Official web-site of radio Vesti FM

From the Vatican to Moscow. The Exhibition “Eternal Rome (Roma Aeterna). Masterpieces of the Vatican picture gallery” opened in the State the Tretyakov gallery. The best works of Caravaggio, Raphael, Bellini, nearly three months moved from the Apennine Peninsula to the capital. Public for the first time represented by well-known Bible stories the most mysterious paintings of the great artists. Earlier, these paintings almost never left the walls of the Vatican museums. On the exhibition was visited by the correspondent of radio “Vesti FM” Anna long.

Until mid-February three halls of the Tretyakov gallery became cosseted by the sun of St. Peter’s square. Burgundy walls of Roman edifices, a warm, diffused light. In such surroundings the great pattern, as if inscribed in the context of history.

“We wanted to present not only the collection of the Pinakothek the Vatican, which begins with icons of XI-XII centuries and ends with works by artists of the era Education. But we wanted to present the idea of eternal Rome, Rome, rising to traditions of antiquity, Rome is the place where the residence of the head of the Catholic the Church for which and which worked most of these artists”, – the General Director of the Tretyakov gallery Zelfira Tregulova.

each of the paintings is written to detail the stories of the Holy book: radiant ethereal light “Christ Blessing” – Roman school of the XII century, the altarpiece of Nicolas Poussin’s “Martyrdom of St. Erasmus”, the crown creations of the Baroque era – “the entombment” by Caravaggio. If under magnifying glass see carefully traced the holes of the nails, dark fan lashes, snow white skin. Something beautiful that was created for the high clergy are encouraged to understand to a secular audience.

“the Exhibition is very complex. Initial canvas: wonderful icon of the XII century. This is the first image after the canonization of St. Francis Margaritone. Moreover, it is the thing without which no cost, no one the history of art. Absolutely wonderful Limit Ercole Roberti. The famous, perhaps, angels are not now in the world – these are the angels of melozzo da Forli. And, of course, the perfect two of Raphael, which are faith and love,” says the exhibition’s curator Arkady Ippolitov.

the Magic of masterpieces goes beyond the religious meanings. Any presented creations carries and universal, non-denominational value. Each painting is a perfection in the original. And with all the complexity this is their simplicity, smiling Director of the Pinakothek Vatican Barbara Yatta.

“You do not have to be experts in art to to appreciate the splendor of these works. I’m sure the exhibition will be visited by many. Because people will be able to find here a real treasure for their souls and hearts. As the Pope said Francis: “the Beauty of what unites us.” And we not all dependent on religious and political views – are drawn to beauty,”- I’m sure Barbara Yatta.

the Vatican Museums for the first time brought out of Italy so many works at a time. therefore, the phenomenon of “Eternal Rome” in the Tretyakov gallery – the event unprecedented. It is no coincidence that all the tickets for the next month are already sold out.


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