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Mask show Kirkorov and Maruani: Russian Europe, solid psychological trauma – Moskovsky Komsomolets

the Frenchman though is a piece of work, but still I came out of the gate.

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As he sang our common with Philip Kirkorov “the Only” pain Alla Pugacheva: “Here! No one expected!” The history of the charges by Frenchman Didier Marouani local pop king plagiarism has dragged on for more than a year, and the audience had even forgotten that there was like, and where it actually moves the trial. And suddenly this mask show in the center of Moscow!

Маски-шоу Киркорова и Маруани: от русских Европе сплошные психотравмы

photo: Alexey Molchanovsky

A similar was allegedly “injured” party, a long song “tough love,” at least long-standing smash-hit Symphonic Space Dream. Moreover, the songs in chronological order were written almost simultaneously, in the early 2000s, and the author is Russian, so to speak, “version” Oleg Popkov even as it swaggered – say, it’s not a Frenchman, and we will sue for plagiarism.

But in the end, persistently and confidently to your goal is moving this Mr. Marouani, the guru of the French electronic symphonic pop music in 1983 with his popular band Space was one of the first Western musicians allowed a solo recital at the Grand site sportcomplex “Olympic”.

It was a shaped explosion and a breakthrough in fresh musical life Samokovsko of the Soviet Union, and I think everyone who lived in the gray and unfriendly Moscow, wanted at least the corner of your eyes to look at it is almost taboo musical-a laser magic and a miracle.

young and Probably Philip too. Maybe he even got to pull on that concert, and could learn the first lessons of the “international show”, which are so useful for the future, exhausting and extraordinary way to pop the Royal throne.

did he Know then, do that later not years, but centuries, the idol will turn into the abuser, and he is as treacherous Cersei from “Game of thrones” will be in a situation when there is no other way, how to blow up Holy Sept with the high Sparrow to hell – to the not gobbled up with giblets?

Poor France! that’s what I thought at first. Solid psychological trauma from these Russian – Napoleon, Crimea, the “Mistral”, then Syria, and now the raids on the French stars of a frosty Moscow evening… Here’s the background information that apparently, now dazzled the eyes of the unfortunate Frenchmen, absolutely, of course, not accustomed to such brutality.

Yes there is – the French! The whole world probably obscurite blinks as the history of plagiarisms, of course – the endless and timeless as the music itself, but to heavily armed cops have surrounded a building in the centre of the city, as in counter-terrorism operations! Oh La La!

the monumental Led Zeppelin recently also came the scandal with their epochal “Stairway To Heaven”, but there were quite glamorous, even with the spitting, sarcasm, abuse, FAQs, but without paddy wagons and lackeys all the same… And it is these murky stories with “privatezirovanna” my neighbor at the music shop notes! Not count.

Last scandal with Thomas Anders song Last Exit To Brooklyn Modern Talking never broke up the embers in the fire. Intelligent intermediaries extinguished the flames, and imposing Thomas even kindly condescended to assurances that “Philip he did not steal”, referring to suspicions of the song Work Your Magic, where FC protégé Dmitry Koldun stormed “the Eurovision-2007″ in Helsinki.

However, Philip in both situations might look into some extent and without guilt and sacrifice, not because he still wrote songs of discord, and the authors whom he apparently trusts completely. In the first case – his favourite Greeks, Dimitris Kontopoulos Ko. In the second – Oleg Popkov.

moreover, as the acknowledged “king of remakes”, it never was easy creatively and brilliantly to rethink every way the world hicok, observing all the required legal formalities. Apparently, the “curse of Aroyan” aggravated “damage Yablokova” when “I’m not looking for scandals, and scandals find me”, is still ongoing.

At the same time, it is critical to recognize that if Western stars ask such a purpose, in fact all the festivals of some “Russian radio”, you can easily spend in pretrial detention or court proceedings worldwide. Because if we draw inspiration for our pop and rock stars, but the producers composer, exclusively and at all times on the side of the musical universe – West.

Remember the story of one highly decorated composer even from the distant Soviet times about how during a trip abroad, where to go, then ordinary citizens could not, he spent hours sat on a conventional radio in the hotel room and by ear wrote down the notes of the local hits. Upon returning same to creatively dissected nesluchaino in their own popular pop song, which was, naturally, an incredible sensation. The iron curtain saved him and the other magicians of sound and melodies from the excesses made possible today with a totally globotriose the world, especially music.

At the same time in the entire history of whether “detention,” then “forwarding” to “clarify” (the devil break a leg in this bureaucratic angelesnew vocabulary) Marouani and Trunova there are a few strange and important aspects.

strange, perhaps, the first thing that makes you ask questions and doubt with a fright quite sane people went to the Bank to sign documents on the settlement agreement, if you were just to “extort” millions. Something like this, however. Directly one after the other.

After the settlement agreement is a form of pre-trial settlement of the dispute of the parties, so there is a suspicion that, lured by the “blue eye” opponents to sign the conciliation bumazhentsii and agreeing to their terms, the defendants were able to exercise their considerable, admittedly, administrative resources and gave it at the last moment for “extortion”. The question immediately arises: why?

Didier Marouani though he is not an angel in the flesh, and one more thing, according to close knowing his people – but still I came out of the gate. For a year he was law-abiding and properly present its claims in Russian courts openly voiced them, not behind-the-scenes blackmailed, held professional expertise, the result of which was unequivocal – a coincidence almost 50 percent, that is essentially a rip-off.

the Court in Moscow was to confirm the arguments and examinations of witnesses, however, did not consider them sufficient, after which the angry Frenchman has declared about a possible transfer of the case to the court of the United States. And as the court will decide in the United States, which, as you know, Maruani that say that JOLLA Pukki – one lantern?

And here, perhaps, the opponents decided to go for broke, to play your part in the game of chess in which the same lawyer Dobrovinsky, as you know, the unmatched strategist (version lawyer Philip Kirkorov Mr. Dobrovinsky read our report “a man came with a million euros in the Bank so Marouani detained”

All is well, beautiful Marquise. But!

Didier Marouani not even the Minister Ulyukayev. And not even a Frenchman. He, sorry, monagas – above-privileged citizen of the Principality of Monaco. This is a special caste of people on the planet. Powerful and difficult. They, like Russian, do not just give up. And if dealt a mortal insult!

And that could break an international scandal of such magnitude that local strategists didn’t see coming. Mr. Dobrovinsky it is still like a duck to water. But for Philip Bedrosovich having a certain size interests not only in Russian administrations, but also in Europe and America, this could be not the most smiling.

Maybe just sweet revenge swinging on the pop king’s millions the obstinate Monegasque-cheapskate that went to the principle, instead of friendship, darling, Thomas (Anders) to pay for all the mental horror and apocalyptic resonance in the world of detention of a famous French musician detachment of Russian special forces on said Phillip Kirkorov.

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