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Rodion Shchedrin – Plisetskaya monument: Want to here lilac and young people on dates – Komsomolskaya Pravda

Maya Plisetskaya liked this area a Great customers. Every time they Rodion Shchedrin flew to Moscow, you will certainly were here to admire the extraordinary graffiti made by the famous Brazilian artist Eduardo Cobra. He saw the great ballerina in the image, of course, a Swan – but so bright that make it possible for the Firebird, which Maya Plisetskaya also danced. “I was stunned when I saw this portrait!” – confessed to me Plisetskaya at a meeting a few years ago.

One day, however, looking here, they are Rodion Konstantinovich upset. House wall with a portrait of all dug up, put all the well-known blue booths… And somehow for a long time, as it happens in Russia, lit the scene. Maya Mikhailovna only a sad sigh.

a year ago, after leaving Plisetskaya of life here, a few steps from the Bolshoi theatre, there was a public garden named after the great ballerina. She emerged a tradition that many Muscovites returning from Big or other theatres (and there are many in the area) for a few days, began to come here to sit on comfortable benches, to see the portrait of the incomparable Maya, be sure to make a fashionable selfie, to discuss what he’s seen play… And when the question arose about the monument, it became clear – the best place to find.

And now, Sunday 20 November, frosty, but Sunny bright day high in the sky flashed a figure the passionate Carmen, the author of which, a friend of the ballerina Ural sculptor Victor Mitroshin.

From early morning the square began to gather a crowd of fans of Maya Plisetskaya, her friends and just lovers of ballet. In the frosty air swept stirring music from the famous “Carmen Suite”, and the monitor be able to see Plisetskaya in one of his most favorite roles that cost her, however, a lot of effort and blood: the ballerina had to defend the show from the clutches of the Soviet cultural officials.

of Course, flew Rodion Konstantinovich Shchedrin. It was his initiative to open the monument today is the birthday of Maya Plisetskaya. Having just reached home from the airport on Tver immediately came here and circled around standing still in the woods of the monument. The work of the sculptor liked it, but slipped, he dropped: “I wish she was just alive!” And this inexpressible longing was, say, in his voice.

When the monument fell off the bedspread, Shchedrin, standing on frost with uncovered head, crossed, long looked up to the sky, where in-flight frozen the Muse of his life – and creative, and human. Then he grinned – as if they with Maya Mikhailovna happily, lovingly looked at each other.

Talking wasn’t easy for him… And yet he dreams of the youth here on dates that bloomed here the Persian lilac, which compared the ballerina in his poems of Andrei Voznesensky. Remember ?

In her name can be heard lapping the applause.

It rhymes with weeping larches,

Persian lilac

Champs-elysées, with the Advent of…

Shchedrin thanked all those who in a difficult time thinking about culture, who helped the appearance of the monument: and the Moscow authorities and the Ministry of culture of Russia, and the Fund Alisher Usmanov “the Art, science and sports” and friends and fans of Maya. “How many of you here, her friends, come!”.

the Artistic Director and General Director of Mariinsky theatre Valery Gergiev specifically, just a few hours, flew to Moscow to be at the opening of the monument. Although he has a serious knee injury: it was obvious he was uneasy. But not to be here this afternoon, he could not. They Plisetskaya was very friendly. “And she was able to make friends like nobody”, – said Valery Gergiev.

the opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, the General Director of the Bolshoi theatre Vladimir urin… Among those who came was the Bolshoi Maria Alexandrov she Zakharova, and a connoisseur of art and fashion Andrey Vasiliev, the famous dancer, her faithful Jose from “Carmen” Victor Barykin… And most importantly, dozens and dozens who adored ballerina fans. The whole monument was covered with flowers, becoming for a few hours a kind of continuation of the stage of the Bolshoi theatre.

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