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Kanye West hospitalized in Los Angeles Газета.Ru

“I already told you that didn’t vote in this election. <...> But if I had to vote, I would vote for trump,” said Kanye West on November 17 during a concert in San Jose (California). The rapper praised the rhetoric of the elected President of the United States, called his campaign “absolutely brilliant”, and African-Americans chided because “they talk too much about their race.”

“We live in a racist world is a fact. We live in a racist country, period. And no candidate will be able to change it”.

“But that doesn’t mean I don’t believe Black Lives Mattes. This does not mean that I do not believe in women’s rights. This does not mean that I don’t believe in gay marriage,” added Kanye, but it was too late: the audience was accompanied by the speech of the artist is dissatisfied, shouting, social networks began to fill posts with the title “Kanye supported trump.”

interestingly, the last few years Kanye has supported rival trump, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party, and not just in words but financially. According to documents from the Federal election Commission, USA, in September 2012, Kanye made two donations to the Obama team in October 2014, he transferred $ 15 million to the national Committee of the US Democratic party, and in July 2015 — $ 2.7 thousand on the campaign Clinton (“Hillary for America”). In his speech, he also noted that Hillary would be a good “consultant”, but major change needed is “evil,” as trump (by the way, in this judgment it coincided with the position left Slavoj philosopher Zizek).

two days Later, after a concert in San Jose Kanye was late for half an hour at the show in Sacramento, he performed only two songs, and then, when began to play his latest hit “Famous” rapper again interrupted the speech to continue the conversation about his political views. In the same tirade, Kanye hit on the radio that, in his opinion, play too little decent music. Praising his colleagues Drake and kid Cudi

Kanye scolded beyoncé for what she did not want to speak at the MTV VMA, if a nomination “Video of the year” will not win the video for “Formation” (he eventually won), and her husband Jay-Z was asked “not to send killers”, and just call him.

the next day, West has canceled his concert in Los Angeles, and then is interrupted a world tour without explanation. “The remaining dates of the tour Saint Pablo cancelled. The cost of purchased tickets will be refunded in full”, — said the promoters of the musician. Any comments on this occasion neither musician nor its managers did not provide. Popular portal ticket Ticketmaster started to return money for tickets almost immediately after it became known about the cancellation of the tour.

Finally, on Monday, November 21, it became known that West was hospitalized in Los Angeles. According to the portal TMZ, the call to the remote duty entered in the 13.20 (0.20 Moscow time), at that time Kanye was outside of his house. West was taken to medical center Ronald Reagan University of California, and pre-cuffed him (later West representatives denied this information by The New York Times, saying that the hospital he went voluntarily). Sources say that the decision about the hospitalization of the rapper was taken “for the sake of his health and safety”. According to CNN,

the rapper was diagnosed with exhaustion and before admission, he also suffered from insomnia.

the artist’s Wife Kim Kardashian was in new York, but decided to return to Los Angeles after learning of the hospitalization of her husband. According to the sources of TMZ, the separation from his wife, also a serious blow to mental state Kanye: “All this time that he spent in isolation from the family, it was also very stressful for him. They — the most important thing.” Insiders call another possible cause of failure of a musician — his overly busy schedule, combining music and work on his own clothing line. “He’s just exhausted. He day and night working on the clothing designs of his own, as well as line Adidas”.

2016 was indeed a busy year for Kanye: in February he released his seventh Studio album, “The Life Of Pablo”, and worked on it from the beginning of the year and continued to make changes to some of the songs after the official release. In addition,

summer Kanye released his new clothing line, Yeezy, adopted by the fashion community hostility (things are called “formless shaper underwear”, and because of the heat, fainted right on the podium).

Despite all the “noise”, in musical terms and on the fashion front, things rapper go like never successfully boots Yeezy Boost still sold out within hours, and the tracks from “The Life Of Pablo” only for the first 10 days of release on the streaming services attended 250 million times (now, according to some, the number of auditions has exceeded one billion).


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