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To see pictures from the Vatican and hear Matsuev: what to do this weekend – TASS

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Masterpieces of the Vatican picture gallery and the “Montage of attractions”

  • Tretyakov gallery In Moscow opens the world’s largest exhibition from the collection of the Vatican Museums – “Roma Aeterna. Masterpieces of the Vatican picture gallery”, which presents the works of Bellini, Raphael and Caravaggio. The interest in the exhibition, the Museum administration to avoid the crush in the halls of organized input sessions. At the same time to be on the show can be a maximum of 100 people. The exhibition will run until February 19. Please note that online tickets are sold out until the end of the year, the next batch will be available only on December 15.
  • visit the State historical Museum in Moscow can see the Chinese civilization in miniature thanks to the exhibition “the Ancient art of Shanxi province”. The exhibition will immerse themselves in the culture and appreciate the lifestyle of ancient Chinese rulers, officials, soldiers and ordinary farmers. The exhibition will run until February 27.
  • If you prefer modern art, head to the Moscow “Multimedia art Museum”, which this year celebrates its 20th anniversary. The anniversary year opened with the exhibition Sergei Eisenstein “the Montage of attractions”. Viewers will be able to see pictures and drawings of the master, the fragments of his films, the costumes for the movies and personal belongings of the Director, the author of the cinematographic method of “montage of attractions”, the fame of Russian cinema to the whole world.
  • an Unusual exhibition will see visitors and residents of St. Petersburg. In the Sheremetev Palace — Museum of music will begin the exhibition “Faces. More than reality”. The exhibition explores the boundaries of the human: from ancient rites with the ritual disguises to contemporary artists who have experimented on their images. Historic costumes and masks from the collection of the Ethnographic Museum will coexist with the images created by Kazimir Malevich, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Sergey Kuryokhin, Vladislav by Mamyshev-Monroe, Andrey Bartenev, Jeanne aguzarovoj, and others.

the Journey back

  • Become time travelers and go on a century ago will be able to residents and guests of Saratov on 26 November. On the square in front of the Indoor market will host a real fair of 1916 with the puppet theater, nodulectomy, magicians and folk singers. And of course, the main artist of any holiday that time, the accordion virtuoso who will perform “Saratov bust”.
  • on the same day, in Kostroma will be held the festival “Kostroma gubernski fair” dedicated to the 220th anniversary of the province. The festival will be opened by the concert of folk groups in the main square of the city, and in the historical part of this time will start the competition festivals of districts and cities of the region “enjoy yourself, soul!”. Guests will meet the snow Maiden in Kostroma, and Galich come emelja with a pike. The festival also will be acquainted with the traditions of the merchant tea ceremonies, buy Handicrafts in Kostroma masters at the fair and to visit the exhibition of jewelry “Golden ring”.
  • 27 November, the Center of event tourism of the Lipetsk invites everyone to a free walking tour of the city, where will be told about the history of trade and merchants. The tour will begin at 11:00 at the monument to Klyuev, the legendary mayor who ran the Lipetsk from 1903 to 1917.

“the Night before Christmas” in Vladivostok and “old-Fashioned Comedy” in Brjansk

  • the Premiere of the Opera by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov “the Night before Christmas” prepared for the citizens of Vladivostok Maritime Mariinsky theatre. The plot — the story of Nikolai Gogol’s collection “Evenings on a farm near Dikanka”. In the Opera “Night before Christmas” organically intertwined love lyrics, comic situations, a scene of mass festivities and fantastic pictures. Viewers will be able to see the production on 25 and 26 November.
  • Another premiere on 25 November represents the Bryansk regional drama theatre named after A. K. Tolstoy. The play “the old Fashioned Comedy” based on the play by the Soviet playwright Aleksei Arbuzov tells of the relationship of doctor and patient, who quickly reach the conflict and then cease in mutual sympathy. This play in 1978 was shot the same film with Alice, Frendlich in one of the main roles. To send a message to the film, on stage sound hits 70 years

Denis Matsuev in Kazan and concert “In the rhythm of the heart” at the Bolshoi theater in Moscow

  • If you like classical music, don’t miss the concert of the “rhythm of the heart” at the new stage of the Bolshoi theatre. 26 Nov soloists and orchestra of the Bolshoi theatre under the direction of conductor Anton Grishanina will sing excerpts from operettas by Jacques Offenbach, Johann Strauss, Leonard Bernstein, Isaac Dunayevsky, the works of Dmitry Shostakovich and other composers.
  • Residents and guests of Kazan on 26 and 27 November waiting for the music festival “Denis Matsuev friends”. The programme includes works by Mussorgsky, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Glinka, and Tchaikovsky.

Japanese cinema and a film about Iggy Pope

Moscow cinemas show a documentary by Jim Jarmusch “Gimme Danger. History of Iggy and The Stooges”. The film the concerts of Iggy Pop and his interviews.

Fans of Japan is to go to the cinema “Formula Kino Horizon”, where up to 30 November, a festival of contemporary Japanese cinema. In the program of the competition more than 20 paintings. Among them, a drama about life after the tragedy in Fukushima “Return home”, action film “Dancer-karate”, traditional Japanese anime “love Story Tamako”. The films are in Japanese language with Russian subtitles. A detailed schedule can be viewed at the website of the festival.

Robots and gadgets

to build and to play with them on November 26 at the Pacific national University in Khabarovsk, where will be held the festival of high technologies “Robomen”. Guests will have access to many free interactive entertainment, including robots. They can be touched and programming. The festival will gather about 50 participants from eight cities from Tomsk to Magadan.

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