Friday, November 25, 2016

Died the author of the films “Mystery of the iron door” and “After rain on Thursday” – Komsomolskaya Pravda

Not to say that Soviet children were spoilt for cinerascens – especially fantasy films and fairy tales. But the “Mystery of the iron door” (1970) and “After rain on Thursday” (1985) pupils still was – and was among the best Soviet children’s paintings. “Mystery…”, story about a boy who found magic boxes, performing any desire matches, suddenly ended almost Buddhist message: it turns out that it is from the desires in this world everything is suffering, and to interrupt the chain of its adventures, the hero managed only when, breaking the last match, he said “I want Nothing”. Funny – directed by Mikhail yuzovsky hardly put th is idea in the film, and certainly it is not read by third graders, which, however, was terribly grateful to him for colorful and vivid picture. And Oleh tobacco, invited for the role of Kashchey the Immortal (probably the most well-fed of the SCRAG in the history of cinema) in “After the rain…” he made quite a lasting impression – however, the same can be said about Tatiana pelttser in the role unexpectedly kind Baba-Yaga, and about Seed Farad in the role of wayward Shah Babadur.

Michael Hughes was born in 1940 in the family of a prominent theatre critic, literary critic and translator Joseph Hughes. At first he was going to follow in the footsteps of his father – in his youth, became the literary Secretary of the magazine “Theatre”. But then I decided to do the film, met one of the most prominent Soviet storyteller Alexander Rowe and worked with him on the film “Evenings on a farm near Dikanka”. Then I finished cinematography and began to shoot stories for himself.

Filmography it is not extensive – in the it consists of only a few paintings (among the most famous can still be called – “There, on unknown paths…” and “one, two – the mountain does not matter”), plus three dozen scenes for the film magazine “jumble”. But for the Studio name Gorky he was probably one of the most important Directors. Alas, when the film Studio in the 90s entered a difficult period, Hughes stopped to shoot the movie – the last “Masha and animals”, was released in 1995, when rental in the country actually was not, and few people saw it.

As reported on the website of the Union of cinematographers USSR, farewell to Michael Hughes will be held on November 26, Saturday, at 11:45 at the mortuary mortuary of the City clinical hospital № 1 (Lenin PR-t, d. 8, korpus 17, check in through gate No. 2).


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