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Died chief storyteller of our cinema Michael Hughes – Газета.Ru

the Movies and other works of this Director much more famous than himself — his “one, two, the mountain does not matter” and “After rain on Thursday” are indispensable when you need something to take the baby for an hour or more. This is now optional even turn on the TV — his paintings have become “public property” and is entirely laid out on the video.

So it is safe to say that this man with a kind and weary face daily is included in every home and teaches our children good. Or rather, was — very strange to talk about him in past tense.

Hereditary intellectual, the son of drama critic and the theater critic, Hughes worked as an assistant at Alexander Rowe on “Evenings at Khutor near Dikanka” (1961) — the master whom he worshipped and who, by his own admission, studied. Later took part with their own short story in the anthology “half an hour on miracles.”

And then he directed his first full feature — “the Mystery of the iron door” based on the novel by Yuri Tomin “was in the city the wizard”, which sounded great songs of the bard and composer Eugene Agranovich. To gather around him a community of worthy and talented is a skill identified in the first picture, in the future will be revealed in full.

In his paintings enjoyed playing Oleg Tabakov, Valentina Talyzina, Semyon Farada and others.

“the Tale gave them the opportunity to mess about, to plunge into that world with which they rarely touch” — so spoke about their famous artists Hughes.

his filmography includes a total of eight works, each of them became the classics of Soviet children’s cinema.

And not just a classic, and kind of the Foundation of the genre of cinema for children, is incredibly developed, the rise in Soviet times, and collapsed into oblivion in the post — well made, thin, looking at the world from the height of children’s growth.

However, it took a little funny school days “Malyavkina and” romantic realism “You can not dream”, he loved the tale, and only them. But loved not love escapist who used the epic story of the vast and classic stories for internal escape from the need to remove Soviet agitation and full-blooded and joyful love of the artist to the material.

“In the genre of fairy tales is everything, but in a very beautiful packaging,” he said. Forgetting to say that this package came up with the Hughes.

His “Secret iron door” can now be viewed as an encyclopedia of Soviet life 60′s — from the world of objects and clothes to the then characteristic words and expressions. Undeservedly unknown “Secret city” as a model of relationships between adults in contemporary society, fully copied by the children in the pioneer camp.

But the most famous, crowned with prizes “After rain on Thursday” can serve as a guide for young artists of the theatre — so worked there seemingly deliberately decorative whole fairy world.

a Relatively small number of films in the filmography he compensated lots of work in small and until the most desirable children and their parents form — “Jumble”, the author of many editions of which he was. The film, knew the UPS and downs, your toughest desktop editions owes him.

for Example, this thumbnail, the author of the script which became the famous Victor Dragunsky.

In his work, he is easily lured by their artists — for example, Tatiana Peltzer.

Or put the whole story on one of the most organic artist — child.

In all modesty Hughes never felt on the periphery and knew the value of the work performed by him and his colleagues.

“Those, who shoots the stories, make a feat, he said. And we, the storytellers, treat each other with great sympathy.”

And then complained that modern examples of the genre can’t get enough air. Well, in memory of the great master filmmakers of the next generations is something to think about. Because teachers in this difficult (as Hughes himself believed) it now clearly will be missed.


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