Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dmitry Tarasov publicly humiliated Olga Buzova – Komsomolskaya Pravda

Need to have a lot of wisdom to be such a difficult situation as a divorce to go with dignity. And if until recently the star pair Olga Buzov Dimitri Tarasov briefly commented on the issue of their breakup, now it seems fans are in for a lot of comments. And apparently, not the most pleasant.

the First could not stand the football player of “Locomotive”. When fans wrote under one of his posts that his wife despite the fact that he tried to escape from trauma in Spain, however, it can not hold back the tears. Supposedly, the TV presenter “House-2″ seen in one of the bars alone, weeping, and covering his face with his hands. Like, maybe Tarasov will come to their senses and try to make peace with the missus?! However, the reaction leading player of the club were surprising:

“is She crying? I think she’s just drunk,” wrote Tarasov in response to the question.

“Even if she’s drunk, it’s notman to write so openly, whatever it was, you loved her and shared her bed and dreams. Me to your pair do everything exactly, I’m not following you, not interested, saw the tape and was unable to respond. Be a man, not his likeness!”, commented perturbed podistica.

agreed With her most of the subscribers. Almost all condemned Tarasova for such a sharp statement in the address more recently his beloved wife, with whom he lived four years. In Instagrame even came with a “light hand” commentators new hashtag #tarsonemid.

How to react to such behavior, even the wife herself the star of a controversial TV show, obviously, we learn already soon.

we will Remind, recently the press wrote that the cause of the disorder was another girl, Rostov beauty, which, Tarasov allegedly even rented an apartment. Meanwhile, the General house that the star family built together, the player decided to rewrite my mother, in case of division of property of his famous wife was not able to claim him. However, there is a version that the reason of the breakup may be the reluctance of the halfback “Loko” to have children. While Buzova really wants to be a mother.


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