Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Bolshoi theatre did not let a five year old kid on “Swan lake” – TASS

MOSCOW, November 24. /TASS/. The administration of the Bolshoi theatre 22 November 2016 not allowed on the ballet “Swan lake” several children with their parents. The mother of one of the children of Alexander Vasyukov reported about this TASS on Thursday.

According to Vasyukova, children from five to twelve years.

“an Administrator with barely constrained irritation poked his nose “uneducated” parents in the tickets, where black and white 12+ and saying “well written,” wrote Vasyukov on his page in the social network. According to her, the show never managed to get the money for the tickets she was also not returned. In the Bolshoi TASS confirmed that such an event actually took place.

Unnecessarily reinsured

the Bolshoi theatre did not violate the law by refusing to visit the evening session of the ballet “Swan lake” a child of five on the ticket, which was marking on age restriction of 12+. This was stated on Thursday, TASS Senator, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on constitutional legislation, co-author of the law about the age marking Elena Mizulina.

As explained TASS Mizulina, the administration of the Bolshoi theatre was right in that case, if it was about children under the age of six. “In accordance with Federal law No. 436 “On protection of children from information harmful to their health and development”, child, from the age of six years, is entitled to look at the shipment in the presence of parents (or other relatives),” she explained. The law, according to the Senator, “clearly stipulates that if the information that bears the statement contains something that can cause a child fear and panic, viewing is allowed from the age of six, and in the presence of parents”.

as for the established limit of 12+ for “Swan lake”, “in this case the theatre, apparently, overly reinsured, inflating age-marked”, said Mizulina.

“Nothing wrong I personally in “Swan lake” for children not in public,” she said. The law, the MP noted, entitles the distributor of information, in this case the Bolshoi theater, “alone put age labels on produced information products”. However, she added, “citizens have the right to appeal this decision if they disagree with him”.

Internal rules

In the Bolshoi TASS reported that after the adoption of the law on the protection of children from information on the posters of the performances indicates the age at which a recommended viewing. “But this is a recommendation. Visiting children under a specified age may occur at the request of the parents of the children. It is their responsibility,” – said the representative of the Bolshoi theatre.

However, the administrator followed the internal rules of the theater that banned children from attending the evening performance. “Another thing – the rules for visiting productions mounted by the theatre. In accordance with these rules for daytime performances start children from five years old, and in the evening ten years”, – said in the theater.

According to the representative of the theater, these rules are spelled out on the tickets and at the box office and on the website. “Actually, this is a worldwide practice. Compliance with these rules we try to follow. The age limit of the public evening shows due to the fact that the children in the evening hours often get tired, fussy and interfere with his behavior to other spectators,” – said in the theater.


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