Monday, August 18, 2014

American car, “Turtles” again win the weekend – Variety Russia

As expected on the eve of the weekend, leaders of the American tandem rolled in the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles» (Guardians of the Galaxy) and “Guardians of the galaxy» (Guardians of the Galaxy) remained unchanged. Among the novelties of the best made on Wednesday launched a hooligan comedy “Type cops» (Lets Be Cops). Given the charges Friday in the amount of $ 5.6 million for a three-day weekend in its assets is already about $ 17 million. Mixed reviews of the film audience. Flixter on its approval rating is 65%, and the estimate of the pictures on CinemaScore – «4».

The greatest disappointment befell the creators of “The Expendables 3» (The Expendables 3). Softer rating and leakage pirated copies of the Network played tricks on her. On Friday, the project has earned $ 5.9 million, which was transformed into a $ 16.2 million in the weekend. So all hope is now only to China. Viewers of the film is also quite mixed: only 53% on Flixter, but “5″ on CinemaScore. The first part of the franchise started in America with $ 34.8 million, and the second – with $ 28.6 million.

Youth dystopia “Dedicated» (The Giver) on Friday earned $ 4.7 million, according to the results weekend in the asset movie $ 12.7 million. Among the novelties in the picture, the highest rating on Flixter – 72%. The rating on CinemaScore – «4+».


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