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Opera Theatre will present the story of Jane Eyre in the style of the musical – Channel Culture

20.08.2014 | 09:07

 One of the first new theater season opens Operetta Theatre. In the poster will appear as new formulations and new names. This year, the team had taken eight young actors. All are graduates of the department of musical theater artists in the Shchukin Drama School. Today artists troupe met for the first time after the holidays to find out about plans for a new, 88th season. They say “Culture News».

 While the majority of the Moscow theaters are closed, Operetta is preparing to meet with the audience. Troupe recalls meeting friends, artists have something to tell, discuss, something to rejoice – so many impressions, changes of emotion in two months. Last season for the theater was a shock. Two premieres – “Ball at the Savoy” and “Grand cancan.” “The Return of Monte Cristo.” At the festival in Korea, “Graf Orlov”, took numerous awards. While in Moscow experts “Golden Mask” ignored musical. Offended Operetta, said it would no longer present their projects at the theater award.

 In the new season, claimed two premieres. Performance, tentatively called until “Free Wind” music Dunaevskogo put Jeanne Zherder. In the poster you see “Jane Eyre,” Charlotte Bronte. Victorian era, as embodied in the successful movie, now acquire music and dance life, thanks to the music of Kim Breitburg and director Alina Cevik.

 The project team starts, put the “Monte Cristo” and “Graf Orlov”. Dispensed with strangers – on their own. Roles are as a result of casting. Artists operetta regrouped to master a new style of singing.

 Performance in rough piled at the end of last season. Now directors reached the finish line. They have three weeks before the premiere, to add this musical puzzle.

 To raise the level of vocal performance, the theater will be a new position – director of vocal laboratory. During the season will resume the aged considerably “Die Fledermaus” by Strauss and “The Violet of Montmartre” Kalman. And while singers and dancers rehearsing “Jane Eyre” Premiere – September 12th.

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