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Guest of the festival, “Edge of the World” was the South Korean movie star Moon Over Rea – Russian Newspaper

Festival in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is the only true name: “End of the World.” But the distance of more than 9,000 kilometers from Moscow, has not made the island of Sakhalin cultural province – thanks to the efforts of well-known filmmakers and Sakhalin Governor Alexander Horoshavina.

Four years ago, the idea of ​​a festival to show the movie on a remote island invented and implemented filmmaker Alla Surikov. Now, with her blessing, “Edge of the World” settles producer Alex Agranovich, together they managed to get federal support for the Ministry of Culture.

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As a result, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk this year looks almost 90 films from 29 countries and receives not only famous guests, but also newcomers.

A native of Sakhalin Valeria Gushina, president of Actors Guild of Russia, came together with Zinaida Kiriyenko and Alexei Buldakov. The international jury headed by Vadim Abdrashitov. The leader of the group “AukcYon” Leonid Fedorov made his first appearance in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk with the program “On the edge”. Play your music and Alexei Aygi. About the latest achievements of world architecture tells South Sakhaliners Director of the State Museum of Architecture. Shchusev Irina Korobina. In the central square of the city originated “Inhabited Island” – an exhibition of the students of Moscow Architectural Institute. Future architects defended seven graduation projects on transformation of Sakhalin, where the images came up social and business center, industrial park at the airport, the university complex in the natural landscape in the middle of the hills, urban redevelopment projects Kholmsk, Okha, Korsakov and islands Kushinashir. In short, the whole of Sakhalin covered by these seven projects, and have the opportunity to see them publicly and discuss.

The international film festival opened film “Another Year” by Oksana Bychkova. Sakhalin’s childhood and youth, school director, but with his film Oksana came to the small home for the first time. History of the gradual destruction of the relationship of a young and initially cloudless happy couple in a free adaptation of the classic play by Alexander Volodin “not Leave Your Lovers” is filled with the breath of a recognizable modern life and it loved the audience. The only pity is that the scene of the family drama was the footage along and across the capital, and not native to Sakhalin director seats.

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Amorn Harinnitisuk from Thailand brought a low-budget experimental film “From a pimple to nirvana,” where the main character and all the other characters played by only one actress – Attam Chivanitchaphan. The strange name of the young director explained simply:

– Pimples occur because of hormonal background or great emotional stress. This is a manifestation of disharmony in the body. And from this disharmony heroine moves to harmony and peace with itself, that is, to a state of nirvana. This is a natural way is hidden in each of us.

In search of compliance themselves, external and internal harmony and heroines are “Stars” by Anna Melikyan – a film that is also involved in the competition. In an unexpected alliance of the Czech Republic and Burma originated film 35-year-old Tae Mav Naing, poet, artist and director, about a young lad, chose the path of monastic service. “Blind Dating” Levan Koguashvili triumphantly swept several international film festivals, and got to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Will show paintings from Japan, India, Kazakhstan.

Striking audience excitement: every movie look excitedly, and then fill the tent, put about Chekhov center for meetings and discussions with the authors.

Alexander Sokurov has done the hard way to Sakhalin to show here, “Russian Ark” and “Faust” – these famous paintings here before nobody saw. And held a workshop titled “Targeting the artist.” He told me that of all the arts, for it is most important literature, that to be a director – a big responsibility and considerable risk, but the movie – it’s an opportunity to the widest contacts. And that’s priceless for Russia as a grand susceptibility.

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– It is very important is communication : I want to know, to feel our big country, – said Alexander.

Of particular interest was communication with the South Korean movie star Moon Over Rea – it has become a special retrospective of the festival program. In the famous film, Lee Chang Don “Oasis”, filmed 12 years ago, this elegant beauty with incredible reliability played a young woman mutilated severe disease. Moon Over Pu told how to get used to the role and faithfully reproduce the motion of a person with cerebral palsy, she has special medical courses and volunteered for six months, taking care of two people with cerebral palsy. Many South Sakhalin welcomed actress and asked her questions in Korean. Sakhalin knowledge of this language is widespread: the island’s population includes nearly 10% of ethnic Koreans resettled here during the Second World War. After a visit to the “Land of Light” Moon Over Ri is going to the Venice Film Festival, where the film will premiere Khon San Suu “Freedom Hill” with its participation.

The actress is still one important mission. At the opening ceremony gave Alex Agranovich Moon Over Pu credentials of the first Ambassador of the festival. Taking this honor, which henceforth will be awarded annually, the holder agrees to tell everyone and everywhere, that there is such an amazing island of Sakhalin, where the international festival “The Edge of the World”.


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