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“In the” Caucasian captive! “I replaced Ilya Oleinikova” – Proceedings

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August 21 in rolling out the “Prisoner of the Caucasus!” Maxim Voronkov – a remake of the classic comedy directed by Leonid Gaidai. The general outline has not changed. Simple, trusting Shura (Dmitry Sharakois) comes to the Caucasus to write about local attractions and traditions, but quite unexpectedly becomes involved in the kidnapping of “beauty, athletes and ekstremalki” Nina (Nastya Zadorozhnaja). The correspondent of “Izvestia” met with People’s Artist RSFRS Gennady Khazanov, fulfilled the role of the main villain, the local mayor George Gadzhievich Saahova.

– It was not scary to take on a remake of the imperishable classics?

– You know, I’m not a big fan of all kinds of remakes. But since my participation in this film was due to the request of my dying friend, who was supposed to play this role (I’m talking about Ilya Oleinikova), I myself no longer asking questions.

– In any relationship, there are a remake and the original itself? Complement each other, argue?

– I think it will be quite happily co-exist independently.

– Fellow of the CAAX ” captive “Gaidai was a satirical caricature of the Soviet Bonzo with feudal manners. Tell me, in your way if there is some point of parody or satire?

– Not at all. I did not want any parodic way to solve this character. And what do you call it a parody? There is a moment of laughter harping contemporary realities. Yes, the corrupt mayor of a small town, but so what? The very character of the scenario dictates a certain character, everything is spelled out, and the artist should try to implement it as it currently is and how it is currently is the director. That’s all.

– The new “Prisoner of the Caucasus” largely follows the original. One of the few new episodes – the final, when you appear in two roles – Saahova and his twin.

– It was my idea, and director Maxim Voronkov gladly accepted it bid. I think that such a small, striking differences from the original create the necessary point suspension, turn the classic story in the story of our time.

– Many critics have written that there are guys in the pocket, the moment satire on corruption.

– I do not know, the critics know better – I did not dig deep. About figs in your pocket – I do not understand what they mean by when all called by their proper names …

– The same write about the episode with Putin’s portrait, which is hidden behind safe.

– Do not look for a black cat in a dark room, especially if it’s not there. It’s just signs of the times – a portrait of Putin hangs today in the office of almost any chief – and small and large. And safes hidden under paintings ever. Especially, there on the wall with the president himself CAAX himself hanging.

– Tell me about the shooting. Filmed in the same place where the original?

– As always everything – shots were with their difficulties. Filmed a few months in different places – a little in Moscow, then in Simferopol, Sudak. Shooting – it is always a simple matter. But the decor was nice, and the group – so, you know, vzaimovnimatelnaya.

– You, as an absolute authority in the field of humor, as you evaluate the game young actors – Nastya Zadorozhnaya as Nina, Dmitry Sharakois as Shurika?

– Lovely guys. A better played worse – you know, is like saying, where the best staging of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” to compare one artist to another. Canonical execution does not reject all subsequent. Was the script and actors had to implement it. If something goes wrong – all questions to the director (laughs) .

– You recently not often appear on the big screen, and rarely in comedic roles . This crisis affects our comedy, or you just are not interested?

– You say also “rarely” – I now think that I am “First Channel” do not get out (laughs) . Well, the fact that the movie is not to be removed – and the name is not common. If invited, and I fit – I go, that’s all. But to say that they fill up serious offers, I can not. Crisis or not – I do not know.

– Your Variety Theatre this year marks 60 years. What are your plans for the coming theater season?

– Napoleonic. Much needs to be done until April 2015, when the theater building will be closed until the end of the year for reconstruction. I’m a superstitious person, so I’m afraid something to announce in advance. I can tell you that we have partnered with the “First Channel” run big TV project, timed to coincide with the anniversary – in the autumn for 10 weeks on the channel will come out two-hour show consisting of the best rooms and reprises the history of theater.


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