Friday, August 15, 2014

In St. Petersburg area will Strugatsky and Green Boulevard – Russian Newspaper

The Government has decided to adopt the Northern capital unnamed Directions in the Moscow district name legendary science fiction writers Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. Area Strugatsky brothers appear at the intersection of the Moscow prospectus, Frunze Street and Victory Street, according to the website of the Smolny.

The proposal to name the name of the intersection of the Strugatsky brothers in December last year expressed Petersburg deputies. City Commission by name unanimously approved the idea, and then signed a decree Acting Governor Georgy Poltavchenko.

Choosing a location for the perpetuation of the legendary science fiction is not accidental. According to a member of toponymic commission Alexey Vladimirovich, area in the Moscow region, “imbued with Strugatsky” – writers have long lived and worked here through her Boris Strugatsky went to work at the Pulkovo Observatory.

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Recall, after the death of Boris Strugatsky parliamentarians have also suggested the establishment of an award named for the best writers of fantastic work, install a plaque on the house where he lived one of the brothers and name the Strugatsky two special government scholarships. At the moment, the name of the writers already named one of the library of the Moscow region.

It should be noted that in the new “toponymic” government decree was a place to another domestic writer – Alexander Green. Name of the writer will now be called earlier nameless passage on Vasilevsky Island.

Members toponymic commission based its decision on the fact that Greene wrote “Scarlet Sails” is in Petrograd. In addition, almost all the names of driveways in the area are just a maritime theme. Alexander Green Boulevard will be located on a segment of the area of ​​Europe to the Gulf of Finland.


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