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Jeff Bridges: “Of course, you want to achieve success with fans of the book ‘- Yahoo! Movies

In rolling out the picture «Dedicated» – film adaptation of teen dystopia Lois Lowry’s “The Giver» , which was published in 1993. First read the novel about 20 years ago, actor Jeff Bridges became interested in this story. In the tape Phillip Noyce he acted not only as an actor who played the giver, but also as a producer. We talked to the darling brothers Cohen and Terry Gilliam on the appeal of the plot, working with young partners, and that is important for any film adaptation.

Jeff Bridges,

My father and familiarity with the book

 I was looking for material to remove his father – Lloyd Bridges. Also, I wanted to do something that could see my children. By studying the catalog of children’s books, I saw a wonderful cover of the gray-haired elderly man and said: «Oh, yes, my father could play this guy» . So I read the “Giver” and fell in love with this story. I assumed it was just a children’s book, but, God, it’s so cool to think of what I said: «It’s a terrific story to involve my father» . And we have some time to work on it. We took off in the garage video that I directed, his father played the Giver, and my sister’s son Marcel played the role of Jonas. And we took the whole story.

About authorizing

 This small stores all knowledge of the past. In “The Giver” tells about how people have done away with the memories and history, and then created a society of monotony. Realizing the importance of memory, they did not want to repeat the mistakes of the past, so all the memories were imprisoned in one man to guard them. And this is the Giver. It can be called the history of the receiver.

Jeff Bridges,

About Jonas

 Jonas – receiving memories on learning, and it’s my job as the Giver to give him all the knowledge that I have kept. Not only to educate the memoirs, but also make some important books to read.

About Taylor Swift

 It was very cool to play with Taylor Swift. Sometimes we sat down and played music for the piano, and in between takes is a little time for musical improvisation. I was not familiar with her music as well as it could, but working with Taylor forced me to go out and buy her album Red – and I really liked it. My daughter is a big fan of Jesse Taylor, it gives me to hear things like this.

 In the first minute, as Taylor Swift came into the room, I realized how much she is artistic. She is an actress at heart, a creative person, born for this. Between music and cinema world have much in common, you’re working with other artists on a common cause. And she effortlessly copes with it, trying his hand in different directions. And she has a talent that she uses to express themselves in a new field. I think it will be a great actress. I can not wait to see what she had come up with.

Jeff Bridges,

About Brenton Thwaites and Oday Rush

 When you work with such a wonderful young actor like Brenton, then, I’m trying to do for him as much as possible. Same with Oday Rush, who played his love interest. Amazing young actress. I remember seeing her during the casting – and I was just struck her first appearance.

 Brenton did a good job on the way Jonas. He was very excited. I think it’s one of those things that draws the attention of Lois. The point is not to believe everything that is described in the book, and to be inspired by it. I happened to mention Lois Lowry, author of the book. It was great that she was present at the project. Source has always been with us. And it was easy to ask: What do you think about this, Lois? It betrayed our confidence.

About Phillip Noyce

 I think a film is 99% dependent on the casting. Not only from selected artists, but also the entire group. And the main guy in this team – director. We are fortunate that Phillip was our leader. He has an amazing attitude to work, it’s absolute workaholic. He uses his own creativity and encourages everyone else to take part in an amazing journey. One of its main features – an interest in what she thinks every artist. In Noyce had an opinion, which led us, but he also wanted to know what kind of thoughts do you have and how they can be useful to the project.

 Jeff Bridges,

On the complexity of adaptations

 When you’re dealing with fantasy or mythological history, it is very important to choose the correct intonation make fantastic pieces are also very real. Then, of course, you want to achieve success with fans of the book who adore her. This is what I fought for the entire 18-year journey, wanting to be true to the book. Finally, I had to give up some of their ideas and opinions about the story – and the audience to do the same.

On creation myth

 I had the feeling, do not leave during the work on the project, we are creating a new myth. There was a feeling that we are all open, the story must be told through us. She undergoes a metamorphosis in a variety of ways – and it’s very exciting. I remember one of the first indications that Phillip gave the whole gang during a joint dinner: now we are all together in this adventure, we should have a soft front and strong rear. He created an environment in which one was open and receptive to ideas, although it was hard work that had to be done. And we tackled it together.

Jeff Bridges,


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