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In Russia, cancel concerts Diana Arbenina – TODAY

During a speech in Kiev Arbenina wished the Ukrainian people “hold.” Photos from public sources

The leader of the Russian rock group “Night snipers” Diana Arbenina believes that her name put on the list of “enemies of Russia”, and now her concerts cancel under various pretexts.


This artist wrote on August 22 at his blog, reports


“I do not know how I got a list of the enemies of Russia, on the 46th place – between Ilya Ponomarev and group Scorpions. Incidentally, the team of the magazine” Snob “is also on the list, a few paragraphs above. Past two days I call journalists and asked to comment on my performance in the Donbass, even though I have a month resting on another continent … “- wrote Arbenina.


“Under various pretexts, have begun to cancel my concerts. Vladimir is, for example, on the day of the scheduled performance of” Night Snipers “suddenly decided to hold a city holiday. Local PC reinsured and ask questions to the organizers of the wild because they are afraid to release to the scene and the fascist enemy” , – explained the situation to the musician.


Recall, July 3, Diana Arbenina made in Kiev. During his speech, the musician wished the Ukrainian people “hold”.


“I’m glad that you may believe that I’m still coming. I support the idea that we are not able to separate, and quarreled our peoples … I have not been asked, but I think it is very proper to ask forgiveness for their colleagues, people who play rock and roll, and that is why you are still not supported – in the worst time for Ukraine “, – said at the time the stage singer.


Recall, the Communist Party in the State Duma of Russia took the initiative to impose sanctions with respect to the performers, who supported the anti-terrorist operation in the Donbass.


“Artists who support a military operation in the Donbass Ukrainian army in Russia should be banned. So consider the Russian communists. This means – not to let the air and do not allow to give concerts in our country,” – said in a statement.


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