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Russia at the Venice Film Festival will present a film Konchalovsky – Russian Newspaper

If you arrive in Venice at the end of August, the first thing that amazes: among the innumerable palaces, bridges and canals, you will not find any of the poster, not a poster, not a single mention of the fact that here runs the world’s oldest international film festival. In this city, the crowds of tourists not to film, and even fashion shows superstars can not distract them from the contemplation of such a unique attraction, like Venice. Tickets for the festival, unlike Cannes, available to everyone, but especially the long lines at the box office, I did not see here.

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Meanwhile, 71st Mostra (Italian – Exhibition) starts, and the first star of the first film will be held on Wednesday evening on the red carpet. Stars love to come to this romantic city, where they are taken to the cinema halls are not limousines, as in Cannes, and stylish strict boat. For the opening ceremony of the selected “black comedy” Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu “Bёrdmen or unexpected advantage of ignorance.” It is about the history of a certain actor Riggana Thomson, who was famous in the role of the iconic superhero, but faded and hopes to blossom on Broadway simultaneously rethinking their lives, family relationships and dubious film career. In this role, Michael Keaton (the same ex-Batman); Edward Norton plays the arrogant theatrical premiere, the young comic star Emma Stone – in the role of a daughter and assistant hero. Emmanuel Lubezki shot this operator movies “Tree of Life”, “Children of Men”, “Gravity”. Inarritu is also no stranger to Venice: the competition was his film “21 Grams”, won the Volpi Cup for Best Actor (Sean Penn). In 2007, Iñárritu was a member of the main jury at the Venice festival.

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The current main competition jury unusual: the first time in the history of big festivals presidential invited master of music shop – six-time Oscar nominee, winner of the “Golden Globe” Depla composer Alexander, author of soundtracks to such films as “Philomena”, “The King’s Speech,” “Argo” and “Godzilla . ” Will this change the usual system of criteria for the assessment – will soon see.

The festival is going through hard times. Two years ago, he again changed his artistic leader – his highly successful director Marco Muller now heads competing with Mostra Roman festival, and returned to the post of leader Alberto Barbera. Interest in the oldest “kinovystavke” is not so high: an independent arthouse cinema are increasingly disappointing his fans and almost never sold at the height of the Venice Mostra press in droves flies on a much larger and more multi-genre festival in Toronto – there, by the way, will fly and the most significant films of Venice. Around the world cinema noticeable these trends: market success is more important than artistic achievement, the festival as a supermarket commercially effective party refined connoisseurs. Considering them, Barbera first thing established in Venice Film Market your first modest, but in the past year, he became more active, a quarter of increasing the number of participants.

On the fate of the Mostra impact is the lack of modern infrastructure: Mussolini’s “bunker” long outdated morally and technically, movies decades twist in the halls, makeshift. Construction was begun elegant Palais des Festivals stuck at the stage of excavation, once under the soil deposits were found asbestos – and glamorous company three years in a row sparkling diamonds at an abandoned construction site. Now Mostra rallied and made a dash instead of the frozen construction of a new palace started in the reconstruction of the old, incorporating the hall and flimsy “DARS” where the movie looks press, expanding and equipping it with the latest technology. As promised Biennale president Paolo Baratta, upon completion of the project capacity festival halls will increase to more than five thousand people.

elegiac note sounded in the words of doom Mostra director Alberto Barbera when money rules the arts, festivals are the last place not yet dominated by suffocating logic of profit. They provide not just a slice of reality, but also the opportunity to see her in a new light, to perceive the invisible and scout alternative routes. Barber still hopes that the temple arts resist the pressure of traders already flooded the entire area.

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Who’s Mostra will present the besieged world of art? Andrei Konchalovsky’s film “White Nights postman Alexei Tryapitsyna” will compete with 19 other paintings of the main competition. Among the most anticipated but said “Berdmena”, “Pasolini” Abel Ferrara – another look at the fate of the controversial genius of Italian cinema and his mysterious death, Lady cinematic novel “Three Hearts” Benoit Jacquot, the novelty of the Swede Roy Andersson’s “Dove perched on a branch, reflecting on life, “a low-budget drama Italian Saverio Costanzo – shot in New York and not having a chance at the box office,” Hungry Heart “, a pamphlet of another semi-documentary” terrible child of “Italian cinema Franco Marescaux with clear title” Belluskone. Sicilian history “and has quite the documentary “Quiet look” Joshua Oppenheimer. Will be new items from Andrew Niccol (“Good Kill”), David Gordon Green (“Manglhorn”), Xavier Beauvois (Price of Glory “), Fatih Akin (” Scar “); Chinese Wang Xiaoshuang (” Beijing Bicycle “) will present a mystical thriller” Red amnesia. “Record for most number of films in the main competition – France, to present four paintings, not counting side programs. Attraction competition program – a 19-minute short” The Old Man of Belem, “a new work elder Portuguese Manoel de Oliveira, who recently celebrated his 105 Anniversary filming in Brazil another, feature film, “The Temple of the devil”.

The second-ranking competition “Horizons” will open on Thursday shot in exile Iranian Mohsen Makhmalbaf film “President” on cursory dictator who travels on its country incognito, learning, finally, his own people. Filmed in Georgia, the Georgian language and with the participation of Georgian actors. Paintings of the competition along with Mostra can see everyone online, buying a ticket on the website of the festival – the virtual vebzal Venice first invented and introduced into operation last year.

Third, the youngest competition – “Venetian classics” – there is also the second year, and it involves the world’s masterpieces, once shown Mostra. In 2013, Russia was represented by “My Friend Ivan Lapshin” Alexis Herman (for some reason he did not impress student jury), now the future filmmakers of Italy under the guidance of Giuliano Montaldo will judge the work of Kieslowski Belokkio, Polanski, De Sica, Truffaut, among them – our thaw romantic comedy Georgy Danelia “I Step Through Moscow”.


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