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Living in a world of nature

Light saw the book Alexander Degtyarev, Mary and Nicholas Peskova Petrischeva “Nugget” . Its output is timed to the memory – the anniversary of the death of our fellow countryman, a journalist, writer and TV presenter Vasily Peskov.

Anna Bodin

The presentation of the book, which contains unique biographical information and photographs of different years, was held in Voronezh House of Journalists. The meeting was attended by those who knew Vasily Mikhailovich personally.

– Vasily rejected my request to speak for the clearing of the pond: “If you want to brush, brush a little swimming, and the rest – do not touch. River – a separate living organism “- recalled the head of Vladimir Orlovsky settlement Sands.

In Orlov there is street named after Vasily Peskov. But the question of the creation and formulation of the monument to the journalist still under discussion. In March, the museum was opened here Peskov. According to Natalia Hlyzova, director of the museum, since its establishment, visitors were already more than 1,000 people.

The presentation recalled stories of life Vasily Mikhailovich, including those related to his school years.

– In the class register opposite the name of “sand” were only fours and fives, – said Tatiana Esin, director of the School of the village Tresvyatskaya, which studied the future well-known writer and journalist.

Participants and teachers ‘meeting the parents’ committee, it was suggested naming the school after Vasily Peskov.

to share their memories and sisters Vasily Mikhailovich.

– Vasily asked not to mourn for him – says Maria M., the eldest of the sisters. – He said: “I have lived a wonderful life.”

Photo by Mikhail elms




Source: newspaper” Commune “113 (26329) 15.08.2014g.


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