Monday, August 11, 2014

Gerard Depardieu presented critics Vyborg Festival thriller about life in Russia –

Over the weekend, residents of Vyborg might encounter on the streets of the city with a legend of world cinema, a Russian national, Gerard Depardieu. The actor came to present his new film “Victor” at the festival “Window to Europe».

Lead Actor and producer in this picture Depardieu decided to show life in Russia for what it actually is and what is happening now in our country.

How successful picture, along with the critics rated NTV correspondent Alexander Szczerba .

Vyborg Festival has always been famous for its participants stardom. He did not disappoint this year. However, the star of such magnitude as Gerard Depardieu, who visited XX Film Festival “Window to Europe” was not yet.

The meeting with journalists was the last in the program stay Gerard Depardieu at the Vyborg festival. Most likely, he was even glad of it. The heat did its job: it was seen as a maestro hard.

«Good day” was the only phrase said in Russian citizen of Russia, Belgium and France, Monsieur Gerard Depardieu. Presentation of his new film in the genre thriller held in French and in serious tones.

The plot of the film is quite simple: the French gangster Victor Lambert released from prison and sent to the Chechen friend in Moscow to avenge the murder of his son. Of course, good triumphs over evil, and all the action takes place in Moscow and the Caucasus.

But both Russia and Chechnya show so cheap popular that lacks only dolls, balalaika and the Mariinsky Ballet. Critics ask, “This is another stamp and clichés about Russia?»

Gerard Depardieu , actor: “I played in 200 paintings have been on many festivals and professionals will always be criticism. But, most likely, the reaction mass audience will be different from the reaction of critics. In the end, if you look Lungina or Mikhalkov, there is also a lot of clichés about Russia ».

Convince Depardieu that such artificially dressed up Russian domestic audience is unlikely to accept failed. Lacked only his remarks: “Who’s the star of world cinema?»

Gerard Depardieu , actor: “I was in Chechnya, Kadyrov met with and I think it is interesting to show the world Chechnya. After all, this place is immediately associated with the words bomb and the war ».

Mirza Aliyev , a member of the Jury” Window to Europe “CEO” Lenoblkino “:” What that it is involved in this joint project can be considered an expression of love and not idle that he accepted Russian citizenship ».

If we Depardieu sees this country, let him see. After all, to accuse him of a negative attitude towards Russia is impossible. In the end, the creators of the tape is another classic excuse: the film was originally planned as a cash register. Scenario is primary, and only then important details, nuances and specificity of Russia. As assured actor, after his film image of the country will not be affected. And it’s hard to disagree. Especially today.


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