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“The Expendables 3″ (2014): Stallone and Schwarzenegger made up on the set, forgetting the old conflict – Peter TV

“The Expendables 3″ is already possible to watch online in high quality. A couple of weeks ago, pirates stole the film and posted on the Web. With that, the world premiere took place in early August, and in Russia the film goes into wide release today. Starring Hollywood legend – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Mel Gibson, Antonio Banderas and many others. And Sylvester Stallone not only played a major role, but also acted as a screenwriter.

Today on the big screen comes with a real thriller men “Expendables 3″. World premieres were held around the world, and each of them was unique. At the premiere of the German city of Cologne, one of the most popular actors Wesley Snipes and Antonio Banderas, came to the same jackets and had a little show. In Hollywood, the distinguished 92-year-old mother of Sylvester Stallone: ​​ Jacqueline appeared on the red the red carpet in a revealing short dress with a deep neckline, showing that age either for her or for her appearance does not matter. And at the press conference, which was held at the Cannes festival, the entire cast has chosen an unusual transport. Legends of Hollywood cinema spectacular profits by two APCs, impressing the audience.

The Expendables 3

Even before the official release of the controversial film, the Network has posted version in good quality. It was one of the largest thefts in Hollywood. Nevertheless, interest in the film from loyal fans of the franchise remained. After this scandal, and a few days before the release of kinobomby “Expendables 3″, Sylvester Stallone, the protagonist and writer, decided to digress a bit and went on vacation. His choice of destinations has fallen on a luxury yacht, where the actor spent time with their daughters and charming wife, a former model, Jennifer.

Critics predict picture grand failure, despite the fact that in an action movie starring 17 legendary and truly brutal film stars. But Stallone impenetrable as a rock, and I am confident in the success of the film. In this case, when you create a franchise first no one can understand, where do you start and what direction to go. The first part had a dramatic tone, the second was dominated by humor and action, in the third decided to find a balance between comedy, drama and special effects.

The Expendables 3

In general, the picture turned out quite a classic: it has a lot of fire weapons, brutal inflated heroes, deadly fight, the legendary star of the – all the things that they love all the fans of the militants. As for the actors, here tried their best. Mel Gibson, the eternal Rambo, Arnie terminator, Jason Statham, known for his role in adrenaline, and many others. All of them became known to the world in the last century, but they are far from being a young age did not affect the quality of the picture, but on the contrary, its charm and caused even more interest.

The Expendables 3

Sylvester Stallone in one interview admitted that for a long time did not like Schwarzenegger. According to him, the hatred was based on competition, because both actors started their careers around the same time in the early 80s, were shot in the same genre, which gave even more willing to take the lead in the rankings. The first scene, in which the pitching weighed together – the first part of “The Expendables”.

The Expendables 3

On the set has not done without risk of injury or for life-threatening situations. So, for the third day in a truck driven by a Jason Statham, brakes failed. Uncontrolled car went straight into the sea. The film crew arrived, and while the actor pulled out of the jammed cabin. Everything went small bruises, contusions and a small fright. Released “The Expendables 3″ in Russia today! Everything in the movie! It will be interesting!

Video: Piter.TV channel and the official trailer for the film “The Expendables 3″


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