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“Doctor Who: Take a deep breath”: New Doctor – new rules ***** –

The first series of new, eighth season of the British television series “Doctor Who” was broadcast on cinema screens 23 February 2014. The main roles are played by Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman. The director of the episode – Ben Wheatley, writer – Steven Moffat.

This is not the first time the Doctor show in Russia on the big screen: the audience can remember a special edition of “Doctor Day” dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the show. “Doctor Who” – this is the longest-running sci-fi TV series in the world, which is deservedly become a cult, and even in the UK has become an integral part of the culture.

For those unfamiliar with the series, you must immediately explain a little: Doctor – member of the race of Time Lords, he travels with the help of his time machine (TARDIS), which looks like a blue police box. He explores the era, often gets into trouble and makes the entire planet. Among its other features – the property to regenerate when receiving serious injuries. Regeneration allows you to find a new body, and with it – a new character, habits, distinctive features. At this stage of degeneration just ended last season with Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor. Twelfth, only appeared before the closing credits, could say only that he could not remember how to operate the TARDIS.

Each regeneration remembered viewer its own characteristics – this is the moment on which sontaranets Straks will laugh the first ten minutes of the series. He relish criticize the Fourth Doctor scarf, chin Eleventh growth of the Seventh, Ninth ears and many other details. Scene is shot exclusively based on the fans, and assumes no sense, but it worked out: cries of joy and applause in the hall almost did not stop until the long-awaited release of Peter Capaldi.

If you try to characterize a series of short, it is best to will approach “grim”, although there is a lot of jokes. Heroes of land in Victorian England, where the streets dinosaurs roamed, and people mysteriously spontaneously ignited. Investigate a series of murders leads to robots for many years abducting people for the sake of … Yes, Steven Moffat clearly matured during the filming of the first seasons of “Sherlock.” Their abilities on the part of weaving intrigue he disclosed in the “Doctor” in full.

The series has completely changed the face once again. Even the opening credits screen update. Instead bored with wormhole, which was flying the TARDIS before the audience is now waiting for something quite amazing, psychedelic and largely stimpankovskoe. The car also received a new time internal decoration.

But, of course, most fans wanted to know what would be the new Doctor played by Peter Capaldi. For each of the previous main characters had their piece. For example, the Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant, was capable of great feelings, romance, empathy and sincere kindness. Its dramatic actor playing easily squeezed out of the viewer’s sentimental tear. Eleventh Doctor by Matt Smith was seemingly completely carefree, kind and slightly insane – how may it should be time traveler, exchanging the first thousand years. As already mentioned above, the episode “The Doctor’s Day” both characters have met their key differences emerged clearly. If fans of Matt Smith in this series experienced from ecstasy, then David Tennant fans were not so categorical: many noted that for the sake of the story was brought to the charisma of the actor, his acting ability, that the image of the Tenth Doctor was not revealed until the end.

On the basis of only one series is difficult to draw any unambiguous and far-reaching conclusions, but it is now safe to say that the dramatic potential of the new season will be fully realized. The new face of Doctors do not accidentally look old, gray-haired and wrinkled. That being said Madame Vastra, a kind of removal of the veil, the failure covers: Doctor no longer young, he will do without boast youthful follies and even his suit now – stylish but austere, without unnecessary details. The very character looks more responsible, serious. He did not just preach the ideas of humanism, as previous incarnations, but he seriously thinks about actions, trying to understand their value. At the same time, the new doctor is not shy afraid to be surprised and to reflect (a large part of the series – trying to understand themselves and to understand why regeneration fell just such a person). From the first frame clear: the owner of such harsh curved eyebrows, as Peter Capaldi, lurking in the cupboards many skeletons and secrets.

Obviously, the disclosure of these secrets and solving internal conflicts will be devoted to a whole new season. However, regardless of how in fact will be the new Doctor, now there is no doubt: Peter Capaldi easily be able to earn the love of the audience a new role.

Paul * Ex-ter-mi-nate ! * Solomatin, InterMedia

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