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In Los Angeles, handed telepremiyu Emmy – Russian Newspaper

In Los Angeles handed telepremiyu Emmy. The best TV series for the second year in a row was “Breaking Bad” (Breaking Bad).

… And all went to the fact that the best TV series will be called “Game of Thrones” (Game of Thrones). 19 nominations from more than a hundred – that was the “start” in this series on the eve of presenting the 66th Annual Television Academy Award Emmy.

But, here’s the award in Los Angeles handed, and the best drama series was voted ” Breaking Bad “(Breaking Bad). What’s interesting – the same series won in the past year, and this year – although competitors he had very serious. In addition to the “Game of Thrones” – “Downton Abbey”, “House of Cards”, “real detective” … However, “Game of Thrones” at the 66th Emmy Awards did not go without – has received the prestigious statuette in four categories.

Emmy Award is often referred to analogue television, “Oscar”, but? given the increased interest of the audience for television in general, and to the serials in particular, never know that it would soon eclipse the “Oscar”.

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That was the last return of the “Oscar” Matthew McConaughey prize as best actor in a long and bitter struggle with Leonardo DiCaprio. But who’s not watched TV series “True Detective” with McConaughey in the title role? This series, brought viewers a lot of experiences, received Emmy Award for “Best Directing in a Drama Series.” But McConaughey prize as “Best Actor in a Drama Series” for “real detective” has not received, although he was nominated, telefanaty him sick. And then the TV series “Breaking Bad” beat the competition. Best Actor – Bryan Cranston, who starred in it.

In addition, the television movie “Breaking Bad” was awarded the statuette for “Best Screenplay in a Drama Series”.

But the best actress became Julian Margulis, for her role in the television series “The Good Wife” (The good wife), so beloved by ordinary Russians, including – watch it, not looking up and recommend to others.

The TV series “Modern Family” (Modern Family) in This year’s harvest has collected awards at the comedy field. “Outstanding Comedy Series”, “Best Direction in a Comedy Series” … By the way, last year’s favorite American “Family” also won for best comedy series – and then teleakademiki, as in the case of the film “Breaking Bad” were not original.

However, the prize for “Best Screenplay in a Comedy Series” this year received no “family” and “Louie” (Louie), but the producers and crew of this project will have to try harder to in 2015 already finally “family” to get around.

the best actor in a comedy series was Jim Parsons, who played in “The Big Bang Theory” (The Big Bang Theory) – which, incidentally, his fourth Emmy, and best actress – Julia Louis-Dreyfus for his work in the television movie “Vice-President” (Veep).

The best mini-series was the 10-part “Fargo” (Fargo), which is just before the distribution, which is shown by our Emmy channel ” City Slickers. ” So that the Russian TV audience in this sense was savvy. And the prize for “Best TV movie” got “Ordinary Heart” (The Normal Heart).

As a result, action-drama “Breaking Bad” has won 6 of the 16 categories in which it was presented. Horror “American horror story” (American Horror Story) – 4 out of 17, the film “Ordinary Heart” – 2 out of 16, the political drama “House of Cards” – 1 out of 13, “True Detective” in – 5 of 12.

The miniseries “Sherlock” (Sherlock), which we have shown on Channel One during the Christmas holidays – 7 out of 12 As for this series, the writer Steven Moffat won the award in the category “Best scenario miniseries, movie or dramatic program “to a series of” Sherlock: His last oath. ” And to the delight of Russian and not just fans of Benedict Cumberbatch, who played the role of Sherlock Holmes, received the award for Best Actor in a mini-series.

The leader among television channel was HBO – his projects have received 19 statuettes Emmy.

Each year in the United States TV broadcast Emmy Awards held at one of the air channels such as CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, and others. In Russia, the official repeated Emmy ceremony can be viewed on August 26 at 23.00 on Channel AMEDIA Premium and online service Amediateka. Comment on it for the Russian audience will Tutta Larsen and Mikhail Kozyrev.

By the way

Participants of the ceremony paid tribute to deceased actor Robin Williams. Memory word said about him by his friend, comedian Billy Crystal.


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