Saturday, August 16, 2014

Movie of the week: Stallone flies on the last job, California comes off the 80 return –

Sylvester Stallone flies on a regular last job, California comes off, Isabelle Adjani indulges in all serious – 80th just returned, but nothing good about it. This week’s action hero of the 1980 plan to again save the world from Mel Gibson, Australians remember the basics of surfing, Mexicans are reminded that the main thing – the children, and our filmmakers believe that children can show any nonsense.

In 2010, Sylvester Stallone came up with a brilliant idea to gather in a movie all its competitors and thirty years ago to earn extra money for retirement. Then the idea to start looking again, “the meat of the 1980s,” but ironically, was so fresh that the film with a small by today’s $ 80 million collected about $ 270 million. Two-thirds of them occurred in the foreign markets, which is now the cashier collected all the other characters. Two years later, the sequel has earned more than 300 million, so that the third film began shooting immediately, and the fourth part is coming.

So much the worse, that “The Expendables 3″ dropped carelessly, though the characters became even more. Oldman – Harrison Ford, Antonio Banderas with a bad joke and Mel Gibson as the main villain – play around with the youth, which the plot is gaining tired Stallone instead of old comrades, which is time to put in junk (but, of course, they have all the show). The beauty of the first two parts was that the last movie star joked on age and his manly image, not just referring to each other: “Well, that girl.” In the third film, there is only one funny joke – when Wesley Snipes, listing his military exploits, answers the question, for which he was put: “For the taxes.” And she insider – to appreciate it, you need to know the biography of Snipes.

Sam Worthington, who played leading roles in” Avatar “and the fourth” Terminator “, almost unrecognizable in the film about the brothers Kelly and popularizer of surfing in Australia 1970. Good movies about surfing at all times-removed two and a handful – partially “Point Break”, but the female version of “Blue Wave”. But when in the film, except for riding on the board yes love staring at the signs of the times, nothing interesting happens, the movie turns into a beautiful background that ever again come across on TV and do not even remember what it was over.

Marco Weber, producer of “The Informant”, filmed in several stories by Bret Easton Ellis, decided to make his debut in directing drama again pro surfers this time in California. Two teenagers are starting to buzz around the new girl Chloe, who adores gang Manson and obviously she is not very mentally healthy. Chloe plays with the kids and their friend Hillary in “Dangerous Liaisons”, but weak initial material and poor direction does not watch the movie until the final. Actress Gia Mantegna so hard, by the book portrays a bad girl, and Weber so clumsily injects suspense that after an hour of screen time is not interesting, there killed someone or not.

Mexican movie version of the attraction of opposites. Local Don Juan, who regularly reminds neighbor in the elevator, it was time to go to it and “clean pipe” gets on his hands his own daughter – a former left for the girl and handed over an indefinite period. Demonstration begins re-rake for the undemanding viewer. For the sake of his daughter Valentine moved from Acapulco to Los Angeles, becoming a stuntman, so runs for six years, has not yet returned, and the former does not say, “I’m his mother.” Do not believe what is happening on the screen for a second, and the final scene with tears of parting realize that just killed nearly two hours on the film version of a soap opera for single mothers who are happy even in the movie to re-look at Playboy.

Ironic skit by the brothers Grimm Sergei Zhigunov and Christina Orbakajte starring monarchs and stylized Putin Vadim Galygin. This “secret” is the place on the stage of the provincial children’s theater, and not on the screens of multiplexes near Hollywood quality. The main mystery of the film – not to go to the princess at night and what makes a respected screenwriter Zoe Kudrya in this New Year Ogonek, somehow found themselves in the August Cinemas. Children deserve more.

Isabelle Adjani, Vanessa Paradis, Laetitia Casta, and a few French stars smaller caliber dumb fool in “Sex and the City in French.” The film begins as a statistical study on “Women and sex,” but far from feminism, because all of the heroine, without exception behave like hysterical idiot. Apparently, since the actress Audrey Dana, who shot this movie as a director is trying to convey the Parisian eccentricity. Men appear here only to illustrate the joke about Sagging Pants. In general, Dana can not cope with any statistics or with comedy: women look like fools, men – as patient idiots. The efforts of Carrie Bradshaw went to Dana gift, but most of all sorry for Isabelle Adjani, which was shot back in 1970 with good directors and looks at the circus surrounding it rather puzzled.


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