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“Turtles” worked almost like “Watchmen” – BBC

Box office Russia: “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” started better than in America, “Watchmen” lost veterans graphic battles the first place, but advanced rocket Raccoon in bestsellers, and deadly tornadoes interesting not able to show all that they are capable of.

A convincing start kinokomiksa “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” has allowed the company to move from Paramount obscure dreams about the future of the trilogy to a clear pattern: the second part of the famous restart kinofranshizy of living in the bowels of New York mutants in the service of good will come out in 2016 – and even in June, as an adult big blockbuster, but not in August, as this film. However, it is unclear whether there will be directed by Jonathan Libesman whether to keep the role of TV reporter April actress Megan Fox and what enemies will meet the main characters – in short, nothing is clear, except for the release date. Well, the fact that for the first weekend of “Turtles” collected worldwide nearly $ 100 million and probably will pay 125-million budget.

In Russia, the picture is also doing well : for the weekend from 7 to 11 August “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” earned, according to the portal «Film Business Today» , 407 million rubles. and took first place in the ranking of the domestic box office.

In North America “Turtles” also became the first, and at the same time have a place in the top five best starts of August (the fourth film, though without increasing ticket prices). We’ve made it even better – he finished in the same rating the first place, edging last year’s cartoon “Despicable Me 2″, which was 401 million rubles. (But half the number of copies – 952 vs. 1750); yet it should be noted that the last weekend in cinemas in Russia formally considered the July (from July 31 to August 3), so that the results of another kinokomiksa, Marvel “Guardians of the Galaxy” (almost 460 million rubles.), in the August competition is not involved. But “Watchmen” and without this it is not necessary to complain: they are for two weeks in worldwide box office almost exhausted their budget (revenue $ 313 million), and comics with Rocket Raccoon became the most popular in July, ahead of graphic novels with Batman with Superman.

Maintain leadership in the Russian box office, though “Guardians” that does not work – this weekend they took second place, earning 217 million rubles.

Total revenue picture now is 869 million rubles. – And there is no doubt that within a week there will be another “ruble billionaire” in 2014.

Third place went to a disaster movie “Towards the storm” – another New Russian cinema, earning $ 95 million for the weekend rub.

In fact, the first three of Russia’s box office turned out exactly the same as in the United States: there, too, “Turtles” pushed “Guardians” and the story of a powerful tornado destroying a small town, was third. But in America, and we “Towards storm” obviously could earn more, but there was no place in theaters, and the people chose a nostalgic mutant ninja or fresh superheroes in space; incorrect marketing can work wonders, even in quotes. Nevertheless, the failure of this out of the question: now it charges throughout the world amounted to $ 26.3 million, and return on the 50 millionth budget it is quite capable.

Fourth place went to “Hercules” – his Russian charges reached 747 million rubles., of which 34 million was spent on the last weekend;

the world “Hercules”, the main role in which he played Duane Johnson managed to earn three weeks of only $ 135.9 million – not all Peplum show such revenue as, say, “Noah” ($ 359.2 million).

Well, rounded out the top-5 romantic comedy about the dangers of new technology “home video”, which earned only 12.7 million rubles. (Common charges in Russia, 206,600,000); domestic car almost did not help this picture: its worldwide revenue $ 62.8 million budget – $ 40 million, and the film has arri missing and nowhere.

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