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The first monument Peskov appeared in Voronezh Reserve – Russian Newspaper

The legendary journalist, photographer and naturalist Vasily Peskov was not a year ago – on 12 August. To create memorable date Voronezh Museum Peskov, sculpted two small sculptures (one wants to establish in his native village) and published a biography of a master countryman, whose essays and books have brought more than one generation.

“Steps in the dew” and “The river of my childhood”, “Taiga deadlock”, “Alaska is more than you think” – most readers will hardly need to be reminded what is behind these names. Heading “Window to Nature” in “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Vasily Peskov unseparated conducted from 1956 until his death. Fifteen years was the host of a popular TV program “In the animal world” on a par with a junior colleague Nikolai Drozdov. Visited, it seems, everywhere – from the Arctic to Antarctica – and, do not skimp, shared what he saw with the whole country. Wrote simply, mentally, figuratively – no wonder Peskov texts included in school anthologies and even job USE.

In 1964, he received the Lenin Prize – a sensational, as we would say now: not only that the writer was awarded a photojournalist, so also for apolitical collection of sketches about the life of the forest, animals, birds and people who love them and cherish. Ordinary people, obscure. Of the people.

However, the known Sands also talked, and a lot. What are the first images and the first interview Gagarin after his return from space! Or conversation with the disgraced at the time Marshal Zhukov. A taiga hermits Old Believers Lykov (now alive was left alone Agatha) he made himself famous – opened to the world, kept in touch over the years, helped, than he could. Was not included in the environmental organization, but a lobbyist for nature was excellent – for example, reserve “Kologrivsky forest” in the Kostroma region “struck” in the first person of the country.

In an effort to hold on, as it should be a journalist, behind the scenes, he nevertheless, be recognized and externally: woolen cap, the camera on the chest, a notebook and a sharp look boy who dreams to see the whole world. This appearance tried to convey the sculptor Vladimir Petrihin, made several models of the monument Peskov.

As soon as funds become available, the monument otolyutsya at normal size and install the Voronezh – in the village of Orlov, where Vasily Mikhailovich was born and raised, or Tresvyatskaya , where he graduated from school (September 1, it must assign it a name). In the meantime, the bust and the growing sculpture stored close to the Museum of the Voronezh Biosphere Reserve, named after the naturalist shortly after his death.

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From personal belongings Peskov, donated by his grandson Dmitry, here made a modest but capacious exposure. Uncomplicated equipment of a man accustomed to obtain information not on the Web: binoculars, a thermos and a stick for long walks in the woods, the same cap, lens and film reels. Sharpened, like Prishvina, pencils strapped gum. About meticulousness and diligence Vasily Mikhailovich said everyone who saw him at work. He could spend hours watching the life of our little brothers, to guard a good time for shooting and harassing dozens of shots on some trivial horse to find the only true perspective and story.

In one of the cases – a notebook with notes on Wrangel Island with the “brand” entry: “This notebook journalist. If muddler host it sowed (and this happened to him already), please return to the address: ul. Pravda, 24,” Komsomolskaya Pravda “Vasily Peskov.” Pismetso next to his sister, old doodle font – “Save Christ is the hope for the treatment of mihalovna zapodarok … Agatha Lykava written erinat he called.” On the desktop – envelopes where essayist meticulously folded materials on themes: for example, “Nests in the nettles.” And, of course, loved the toffee.
 Value … start the presentation of the book of Peskov “Nugget” as the rain poured down. Wall. The lights went out. “Nature is crying,” – whispered friends and colleagues. Maria Peskov, whose memories of his brother handled the journalist Alexander Degtyarev, the microphone is not needed: the teacher!

– Bob began to read in four years. Books we gave Dad-driver, and the letters explained Mom Maid, as she could. Therefore pervosti Sands put words like this: “Do-ho-de, de-I-de-I!” – Maria M. said. – Seton-Thompson read out to the holes. One day we went to take pictures, so this book he took with him. And in the car dropped between the panes. All the passengers were trying to get it – to no avail. He roared so … I had to buy new. Drew well. We were then collected fifteen hundred reproductions of color magazines. During the war in the winter to warm up we knocked a woman, evacuated from Leningrad. Saw pictures on the walls – gasped. “Three Heroes”, “Prince Ivan on the Grey Wolf”, watermelons … After learning that this is the work of 12-year Vasey, long repeating: “You will become a great artist!” In 1947 he copied Shishkin and Savrasova to donate to the commission. Dispersed instantly!

In the certificate in Peskov – entirely fives. Old class magazines, exam papers and helpful spotted teachers from Tresvyatskaya archive Southeastern Railway – to school museum. After eight-year couple of years spent in building college (not much), went to school projectionists – there fed lunches … Vasily could not without tears recalling how in a year of famine took away his ears taken for zanemogshey mom. Hominy it she still cooked – to come back to the field again at night.

To all the family are cherished, even though its own early marriage did not work out.

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– Do Peskov was the green yard on our street! The house always whitewashed, inside the procedure. When we were at Maria Mikhailovna and went to visit her, then many times wiped his feet at the entrance and behaved perfectly. Our parents are very respected all the family – said Tatiana Bezgina, now director Tresvyatskaya school.

There, he graduated from the ninth and tenth grade – already a member of the party. Then went into a closed political school in Kharkov, although methyl Voronezh University … at the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology. According to Maria sand, the decision was influenced by his father, who was difficult to support a large family, and Basil submitted:

– Its in Kharkiv became nauschat – say, hey, who says that around. Peskov is depressed, he looked at one point and has been certified with the “white ticket”. Home-grandmother healer could not do anything until one has not declared, “All Bob enough, you will work in the school!” Dad bought him a camera FED, he became interested in photography, and then became a Pioneer. Children in it doted. Oh, and then everyone knows – on the way from Voronezh Reserve Sands showed their pictures to a friend, a neighbor on the car turned out to be a correspondent of the regional newspaper “Young kommunar” …

Only three years have passed from the first essay, “April in the woods” to invitation to the capital, “Komsomolskaya Pravda” (the former is not “yellow” and terribly prestigious – explain to those who did not catch this era). It was then that there was “Window to Nature”, which looked equally fascinating story of unseen animals and household pets.

– In those years rattled the venerable names of political observers, but that time has passed, but I remember an essay Peskov . About ant. It ends like this: “Ant – a grain of sand. But if he will disappear, disappear, and the whole of humanity” – confessed Voronezh photojournalist Michael elms that once, being inexperienced freelancers, received came from Moscow for the next agricultural Peskov “walker”. He waited for an hour at the door of home darkroom. Ambition he did not have.

In the book “Nugget” a lot of interesting incidents from the lives of Vasily Mikhailovich. About how nearly fell meeting with Gagarin – Exclusive got only through the intervention of Khrushchev, whose son-in-Adjoubei Alex was at that time the chief editor of the “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. With members of the first group of cosmonauts Sands became friends before that for some time even trained with them – strong body completely withstood the test centrifuge. But between heaven and earth had to choose, love for newspaper work won.

“The main value in life – life itself …” – engraved on Mordvinian boulders optional Peskov noted his last resting place. Ashes naturalist dispelled last fall near the village of Wola, on the border of the forest and meadows (it once grew flowers farm “Astra”). Idea came to Vasily Mikhailovich back in the 1960s, and it had to come to terms with even believing mother. However, some of the ashes of relatives buried in the Christian tradition of the same stone – it seems that all the stubbornness Peskov not hold.

– Why is the fringe? Here stumps those oaks and lindens, by which he liked to relax with her sisters on the way to the lake, or after collecting mushrooms, – explained the Voronezh regional specialist Pavel Popov. – The idea of ​​being “banned from the wind”, partly due to the same act of Konstantin Simonov. But most importantly – a favorite childhood Seton-Thompson. After all, he bequeathed to dispel his ashes over an oak forest after a hundred years. Sands learned about this, spotted during a trip to America house writer and his relatives, asked how to perform a mandate. Still, by the way, reproached them – say, yourself, then do not read Thompson’s …

To Peskov stone laid carnations. Drizzling again.


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