Thursday, November 26, 2015

Amazon removed the underground Nazi symbols – Kommersant

Amazon has had to curtail their advertising campaign of the television series “The Man in the High Castle” in the New York subway. It demanded that the governor of New York State and New York City mayor after the cars, pasted advertisement with symbols of Nazi Germany and imperial Japan, that the plot of the series supposedly defeated in World War II, have caused public outrage.

The Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo asked the Transport Department of New York (MTA) to immediately remove from subway cars “disgusting” TV series advertisement Amazon Studios «The Man in the High Castle”. A similar requirement to remove from the subway “offensive and irresponsible” advertising and made New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. Management, which gave permission for putting up this ad, Amazon Studios has informed that the company has time till evening “voluntarily remove the posters and stickers from the metro, otherwise they will be removed MTA». The company complied with the requirement of the authorities in the period, but the scandal does not stop until now.

The reason for the intervention of the governor and the mayor was outrage in New York that the public advertising. The television series “The Man in the High Castle” movie company filmed Amazon Studios, a division of online retailer Amazon, on the novel by Philip K. Dick. The book, written in the genre of alternative history and published in 1962, became a bestseller in its time thanks to an extraordinary story. The author depicted the life of the United States for what it could be if the World War II defeated Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Shooting of a new television series on this book Amazon Studios began in October 2014. The producers – Ridley Scott, David Zucker and Jordan Sheehan. In January, the company reported a pilot series, which viewed a record number of spectators Amazon Prime, video streaming service. Premiere 10-part series on November 20.

Audiences and critics of the new series was well received, but his advertising at Amazon Studios came misfire. As part of the campaign Amazon Studios obkleila walls, ceilings and seats of cars in the New York subway posters with footage from the film. At the same time on some seats appeared stickers with an image of the American flag, on which the top left corner instead of the usual stars depicted a Nazi eagle and the iron cross, and on the other seats, the flag of Imperial Japan in the colors of the American flag and his own asterisks. Resolution on the posting of such advertising gave the Transport Department in New York, who in an interview with American media explained that these images “do not violate our standards of neutral content.” “We are a public entity, and we can not deny advertising only on the grounds that we personally, something it does not like,” – told reporters a representative of MTA Adam Leesburg.

According to the commuters, place such advertising is not allowed. Member of the State Legislature Jeffrey Dinovits, an active defender of the victims of the Holocaust and their families, told the New York Post: «The use of Nazi symbols – is generally beyond decency. I think, Amazon realized that such advertising companies do more harm than help. And I’m glad they’re smarter. ” Regional Director of the human rights socio-political organization Anti-Defamation League Evan Bernstein said in an interview to news portal Gothamist, that advertising in the subway does not contain sufficient context. “When you see it on television, it is explained that the show played up the story about life in America under the rule of Hitler, and there is understandable context. And in the train, when you see the American flag with the Nazi symbols – it is insulting to the core, because there is this context. And the fact that the flags occupy all the seats in the car, only exacerbates unpleasant feeling, “- he said, adding that the advertising campaign exploits the notion that many people experience very painful.

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