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In the area of ​​rescue pilots of Su-24 fighters killed in the area of ​​rescue pilots of Su-24 fighters killed in Syria – Russian newspaper

VKC Russian terrorists killed in the area of ​​rescue the pilot of the Su-24. As expected, the leadership of the Russian Defense Ministry did not delay the implementation of the action plan that our generals quickly – overnight – developed after the attacks of Turkish pilots on Su-24 bomber. Just a day after the decision to transfer to Syria, anti-aircraft missile system S-400 air defense of this dangerous weapon was flown military transport aviation of the Russian Federation to the airfield Hmeymim.

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“The complex is deployed and has made atonement on alert to provide cover for the district,” – said on Thursday evening official Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov.

He commented on the strange reaction to this event American diplomats in Moscow. The US embassy said that “the transfer of these systems further complicate the already difficult situation in the skies over Syria”.

“What can I say? – Wondered Konashenkov. – Until Tuesday we generally share this view in the belief that our planes, destroying objects “IG”, guaranteed against attacks by US-led so-called “antiigilovskoy coalition.” Now we are going to ensure the safety of aircraft in our air group in operations against terrorists, “IG” and other terrorist groups more reliable ways “.

The official representative of the Russian Defence Ministry also reminded that on 25 November from 10.00 Guards missile cruiser” Moskva “has taken a designated area in the coastal area of ​​Latakia and proceeded to alert duty air defense of the Russian airbase. Konashenkov unveiled some details of the 12-hour operation in search and rescue navigator shot down by the Turks over Syria bomber Su-24 has been agreed that all the details of these actions, for obvious reasons, the voice can not.

According to the General but our group research in this area is also actively led the hunt for the Russian pilot fighters and a number of other units, equipped with modern special equipment for bearing.

“Once our pilot was in the security of the specified area were deposited massive strikes by Russian bombers and rocket artillery Syrian government troops for a long time, “- said Konashenkov and added that work in this area and other mysterious terrorist group were killed.

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There are other latest news from the province of Latakia. The official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry said that as a result of repeated application of our aircraft strikes on militants, Syrian government forces have taken full control of the mountainous areas in the north of the province. Thereby completely blocking the cross-border supply of weapons, ammunition and other material possessions terrorists in Latakia. Moreover, in other areas of northern Syria, according Konashenkova Russian aviation controls all the main routes of delivery of weapons, ammunition and materiel to the militants of the terrorist group “IG”.

The general also said that on Wednesday, our military attache in Turkey visited the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces to get the materials alleged audio communication crew of the Turkish F-16 fighter pilots of the Russian Su-24 bombers.

“Our military representative was notified about the impossibility of transmission of any material concerning the attack on November 23 – did not hide Konashenkov. – Furthermore, the representatives of the Turkish General Staff said that any such material in the media, they do not spread “.

” In this case, it is yet another confirmation what appeared today in some media some negotiating record of the Turkish pilots with our crew – the usual fake “, – concluded the spokesman of the military department of the Russian Federation.

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to throw at him, and messages are in some foreign media about the alleged destruction of the Russian aircraft in the vicinity of the border crossing of Bab El -Salam convoy of trucks “humanitarian convoy” from Turkey. Konashenkov noticed that common on the Internet photographs and video from the event, first, there are no craters from explosions of ammunition. Second, there is no debris, which should be have been whip all trucks as a result of shelling and bombing. Finally, there are no fragments themselves ammunition.

“We suggest that the next time caught fire a convoy of trucks loaded with ammunition for the militants operating north of Aleppo, do not give out for” humanitarian help “, – the general said.

He also recalled that before the Turkish side of the direction in the area of ​​a humanitarian convoy did not tell anyone. Not to mention that any aid convoy specially marked.

“Today, in accordance with the decision taken earlier, interrupted all acting channels of interaction between the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Turkish Armed Forces – said Konashenkov. – This is true not only the so-called “hot line”, which was launched in order to avoid possible incidents in the air during the destruction of the objects of the terrorist infrastructure in Syria. There was also recalled the representative of the Russian Navy, who was in Turkey for the coordination of the Black Sea Fleet and the Turkish Navy “.

The general also said that over the past three days, the Russian aviation group in Syria continued to actively conduct reconnaissance purposes and to strike individual targets of terrorist groups. From 23 to 26 November videoconferencing Russian planes carried out 134 sorties on worked on the 449 sites in the provinces of Aleppo, Damascus, Idlib, Latakia, Hama, Homs, Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor. In the vicinity of the village Al-Qaryatayn (province of Homs), Su-24M bomber destroyed an ammunition dump flush armed gangs “IG”. Direct hit bombs OFAB-250-270 and the resulting detonation of explosives warehouse was completely destroyed. In the vicinity of the village in the province of Idlib Zaytan, the general said, the link Su-25 hit the cluster of militants groups, “al-Nusra Dzhibhat.” As a result of direct hits bombs destroyed a tank and two armored cars and three cars mounted with mortars. The enemy suffered considerable casualties.

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In addition, the Russian air force continues to strike at refining facilities in the territories controlled by the terrorist organization, “IG”. Since November 24, Su-34 bombers struck the motorcade-nalivnikov and processing facilities and storage of petroleum products in the area of ​​oil fields in the north and east of the Syrian provinces of Deir ez-Zor and Raqqa.

“It has been According blocked near the village of Tell-Bissau and Al-Rastan in Homs province Islamist gangs continue to incur losses as a result of our air strikes. In the direction Mhin, Al-Qaryatayn militants retreated to 4 – 6 kilometers, “- said Konashenkov.

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In December 2014 the Supreme Court recognized the terrorist international organizations “Islamic state” and “Front Al-Nusra “by banning their activities in the country. Thus it was satisfied the claim of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Russia. In this regard, any involvement in the activities of the “Islamic State” and “Al-Nusra Front” in Russia is a criminal offense.

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