Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The work of the Russian Authors’ Society is locked – Kommersant

Russian Authors’ Society (RAO) is not functioning and accounts of the organization are blocked, he said a member of the Board of RAO author, producer and composer Igor Matvienko. According to him, the results of test case will soon be transferred to the prosecutor’s office. “Now the work of RAO completely blocked, waste does not work – all in a situation of civil wars. All members of the Authors’ Council, in which I was a member, call the appropriate authorities to give evidence, and the case is now transferred to the prosecutor’s office “, – quotes” RIA Novosti “Mr. Matvienko.

According to the the composer, the size of the theft of “his hair stood on end when he looked up documents.” “I even could not imagine that such sums can be displayed, there it comes to the amount of about one billion rubles. The situation is critical, the authors currently do not receive any money because the account of RAO arrested, “- he added.

Previously, RBC reported that the Main Department for Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Ministry of Internal Affairs checks activities RAO. It was explained that the Ministry of RAO checks for embezzlement of royalties through the acquisition and subsequent output through front companies of real estate. Estimated damage amounted to about 500 million rubles. Verification does come, confirmed a representative of RAO.


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