Monday, November 16, 2015

Trailer for “28 Panfilov” was released on the anniversary of the battle at the junction Dubosekovo – On the eve

The creators of the national film “28 Panfilov” published the official trailer of the film. Less than a day, the movie looked more than 300 thousand. Man, reports On the eve.

November 16 – anniversary of the legendary battle at the junction Dubosekovo , with whom he is associated feat Panfilov. Regarding this event, there are many disputes and head Rosarkhiv Sergei Mironenko , and all said that no Panfilov was not, but no matter how many people fight to the death on the Volokolamsk highway, there is no doubt that all who fought there with German tanks and stopped the attack on Moscow, showed the highest heroism. It is this feat a group of enthusiasts removes a feature film, a significant part of the budget account for public donations.

The producer of the film Andrew Shalopa a previously recorded video message in which he said that the total budget of the film was 150 million rubles. Initially, the authors of the project counted on 60 million rubles., And based on this figure, announced the collection of donations. As a result, thanks to the audience was able to collect 34 million rubles.

“We have collected 34 million rubles., this is an unprecedented thing, no such project did not collect so much to us. It is one of the most amazing moments in the creation of 28 Panfilov. I and the whole team feel great gratitude to those who believe in us. This factor is the collective belief in us continually give us strength, and sometimes lead to quite miracles. This is a very big responsibility, “- said Shalopa .

As for the rest of the money, then 3 0,000,000 rubles. After lengthy negotiations, the Russian Ministry of Culture has allocated . R Addressing to allocate another 19 million rubles. shortly before the end of the filming took the Ministry of Culture of Kazakhstan. The remainder of the funds allocated Studio “Gaijin entertainment” , which has become a full partner in the project.

Speaking of the trailer, which was released last night Shalopa emphasized that this video involves a large number of personnel from different parts of the picture with the final quality of the sound and color. The video clearly shows the result made the small by the standards of modern cinema, the budget. For comparison, the budget “Admiral” with Konstantin Habensky was $ 20 million, the recent film “Batalon” – $ 10 million, and Mikhalkovskaya two parts of “Burnt by the Suns 2″ cost the creators of $ 85 million.

At the same time, the popularity of the trailer “28 Panfilov” also beats all records – less than a day, it looked more than 304 thousand. viewers. Trailer of the same “Battalion” has collected 211 thousand. For 10 months.

Now the question remains with the organization rolled notes Shalopa.

“We want to go to a great hire, well prepared. We have an unusual rolling, we are new in this market, but we have very high expectations, Distributors want to first see the movie. This must be done in good quality. Then will be trained rental – about three months, “- emphasizes the creator movie.

He notes that during this time will be able to eliminate a lot of small defects, to present to the audience the film is really high quality. Release dates shifted repeatedly, but given that it was possible to completely close the issue of funding and to prepare for the demonstration film distributors, film can come to the big screen to the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Moscow.


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