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In Crimea, introduced the schedule power outages – Kommersant

First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Crimea Mikhail Sheremet after a meeting of the government commission said that the authorities have developed an algorithm electricity Peninsula. On the peninsula introduced state of emergency. Thus, the Crimean leadership recognized that they would not be able to avoid rolling blackouts due to the erosion of the power line from the Ukrainian side. In Crimea, declared Monday the weekend because of the situation with energy supply.

In Crimea, introduce charts off electricity and water to the population, said at a press conference, First Deputy Prime Minister Crimean government Mikhail Sheremet, who headed the commission for liquidation of emergency situations. “Rolling blackouts, unfortunately, are all over the peninsula. To avoid this, we will not “- said Mr. Sheremet. He said that as soon as all the graphics will be communicated to the population.

Michael Sheremet said that stocks of fuel for backup power sources in the Crimea will be enough for at least 30 days. “Fuel is available. Of course, we understand that in some parts we are dependent on the weather and from the ferry, “- commented on the situation first vice-premier of the government of the Republic of Crimea.

The Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Crimea promise to bring the graphics off to the public every two hours.

The number of trolley buses on the streets of Crimea It may be reduced due to disaster specified power in the region. “In general, of course, transport will go, but the amount of transport is minimized. May be administered graphics use rolling trolley park “- said Mr. Sheremet.

Fuel and Energy Minister of the Crimea Sergey Egorov said that own generation in the Crimean Federal District currently allows less than half of the needs of the peninsula. “The morning peak consumption in the Federal District of the Crimean at this temperature is about 800 MW. We have 350 MW of own generation. 450 MW we lack. Therefore, these 450 MW will be introduced outage schedules “, – he said.

A spokesman for Russian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets supervising social block, Alexei Levchenko told Tass that social institutions of the Crimea went to work on the back-up power sources. “All the social institutions of the Crimea, including the hospital and the hospital switched to independent sources of energy”, – said Mr. Levchenko.

Head of Crimea Sergey Aksenov announced Monday, November 23, a day off in the region because of the regime of emergency declared after a power outage from the territory of Ukraine.

All the settlements of the Crimea were without electricity at 00:20 MSK, which comes to the peninsula to Ukraine in four lines. “Crimea is completely off,” – said director of TASS “Krymenergo” Viktor Plakida. Disabling occurred approximately at 00:20 MSK. The fact was also confirmed by a power outage in the regional emergency department.

At present, the international airport Simferopol, Simferopol railway station and the Kerch ferry operating from emergency power supply in the normal mode.

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Becoming Russian Crimea remained tied electricity network in Ukraine, from which almost completely It depended on its power supply. During the year, the Russian authorities have tried to simultaneously solve two problems: how to provide electricity to the peninsula immediately and in the long term to achieve its energy independence. While electricity still comes from the Ukraine. Read more. Read more

Kseniya Shevchenko; Alex Vakulenko, Simferopol


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