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The course times. Living with Ryazanov and without it – RIA Novosti

Author Olga Bobrova

Almost half a century stuck behind him the unofficial title of “chief playwright of Russia.” But it really took off comedy? Yes and no. In each of his bands – interweaving funny and sad, funny and sad. No wonder the director said: “I’ve never tried to make a comedy funny. I tried to make it true. And if this still gets funny, then that’s great”.

Eldar Ryazanov started out as a documentary filmmaker, and very successfully: shot their species newsreel about Sakhalin even received the prize in 1955 at the Cannes Film Festival. But fate had intended it another way in the film. His first comedy – Christmas “Carnival Night” – created a furor. Such festive, beautiful and at the same time pressing the paintings at that time in the Soviet Union was not. The viewer’s attention was intently focused on the perky girl, Lena, whose role is brilliantly performed Lyudmila Gurchenko. So Eldar Ryazanov opened his first star. Celebrity instantly becomes virtually all the artists, who starred at Ryazanov and director differed surprising constancy, inviting favorite artists in following his tapes.

Ryazanov was, incidentally, one of the pioneers of “administration” in Soviet cinema famous international actresses. He entrusted, for example, polka Barbara Brylska a major role in his most popular film “Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!” For nearly 40 years (the film was released January 1, 1976), this tape is living with us.

Almost all the paintings Ryazanov – original documents of the era, they felt the pulse of real-time, real life. And yet – a critical look at the reality, irony and at the same time condescension towards human weaknesses. Perhaps that is why the director was a favorite genre of tragicomedy and “urban fairy tale.” Once the director, as if to give himself an assessment, he said:

“No one my film, I do not blush. It can be more successful, less successful, a” hit at the time, “the other is not. In practice, all – my children. They are conceived in love, I love them, but they have a different fate. Some, like “The Irony of Fate,” “Beware of the Car”, “Carnival Night”, “Office Romance”, “A Cruel Romance” – they just super-fate. Others, in my view, not worse, but they “did not work” for several reasons. Anyway, they – the children love “.

Talents Eldar Ryazanov would be enough for ten. The famous director was held as a writer, poet, playwright, screenwriter, actor and TV presenter. For a series of television programs on the life of French movie stars, he was awarded the highest state award of France – the Legion of Honor. Eldar Ryazanov – winner of international festivals in Madrid, New Delhi, Brussels, and the list of national awards would turn the head of anyone, but not to him. Popularity does not interfere with Eldar Ryazanov be easy to communicate in a natural, modest. It seems incredible, but even in adulthood, it felt kind of childlike and poetic soul. It is common knowledge that all life Eldar Ryazanov wrote poetry. Poetry and music are filled with almost all of his films. Moreover, many of them sounding songs on poems written by the director himself, which is, at times, neither composers nor the spectators did not guess at first. Because music was born and one of the last master tapes – “Andersen. Life without love.” This is not a film adaptation of the works of Danish storyteller and filmmaker reflections of the artist in general, there is no doubt the motives of their own destiny director. Perhaps the most “personal” movie Ryazanov, who seemed to check the ability of the audience to be sensitive and responsive. Well, about the Ryazanov was also filmed, it’s called “Music of Life”.

A little limp, this man with a simple and kind person walking under an umbrella on the avenue of his cottage garden to us, the viewers, to finally , tell about themselves and read their best poems …


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