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As we go from the Titans not become Eldar Ryazanov – Russian newspaper

Human Planet. With a powerful, irresistible attraction. With its special atmosphere in which we are immersed to gulp oxygen breath, bring razdergannye feelings in order to return the soul of harmony, and the visible world – the normal hierarchy of human values.

He warmed us. Very generous – even wonder how he missed all the heat. People often answered him ingratitude: critics attacked him for any failure like a happy moment waiting for a bite. And willing to forget about how much happiness we all managed to give this big, fat, seemingly good-natured, really irreconcilable to any falsehood and well knows how it Drop person.

He brought us to his world, his Pandora , its planet-dream, where the ideal is not drowned, as always, over the horizon, and became the absolute reference point, the current moral beacon. Where is the justice was restored at least virtually. Where is the evil ridiculed crawls to lick their wounds and at the time to leave us alone. Where spiritual beauty demonstrated its indisputable value.

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Movie Ryazanov could change the world – but it has changed us. Conscience bother: we live something without thinking … called for decisive action: do not be afraid to throw everything on the map and change your life! It instills confidence in the intrinsic value of every moment of life: There is no bad weather! It has a healing effect, and we are irresistibly drawn again and again to look his best films – not just to have fun and get away, but tidy soul.

From the point of view of the so-called auteur cinema, this movie does nemudrenyh. Everyday stories – funny, sad, something is always very close. In each there is always a hidden spring, energy is strongly pushing forward all the action clearly palpable yearning for the good outcome (no sweetness) and fair (without the mentoring). Pile of parabolas, metaphors and symbols, meaningful perspectives and dogmatic shocks cameras in them was not at all. They were open to greet us and offered themselves to decipher, like a rebus for slackers. These categorically “nefestivalnye” movies are not dumbfounded gourmet special rhythm, not lulled retardation, not abused meaningful silence, and did not offer to think about her every contemplating all the dead in the frame the landscape. This movie basically do not take into kinokonkursy. But it is easy to win in the most important, the most honorable competition – for the viewer.

However, it will not compete with anything and anyone, and certainly something which Eldar Ryazanov was stripped completely – a bustling ambition , pride of the rider, which does not come first – the collapse of all life. He and so effortlessly come first – his “Carnival Night”, “Irony of Fate”, “Office Romance”, “Garage” broken all records shows on television: if we lived under the motto “Not a day without Ryazanov”. And it did not bother ever. Engages the eye of the favorite scene there, in the flickering television screen – and could not break away from that for a long time and knew by heart. So you can never get bored with a spring of pure water – it simply we need, and that’s it. Its sturdy murmur, his coolness, his purity.

The genius no one competes. He is such a one, not compare with anyone. His height available to him alone. Someone tried to repeat his paintings – “remakes” failed, just shading the gap between the Titans and the pygmies.

If Eldar Ryazanov made only his movies list that is meaningless – they are on everyone’s lips as folklore, – he would have become immortal in our memories. But he managed to enter the space of each life some mind the reliability of its action items, and values. With it you can check your actions, thoughts, solutions. And in this sense he did, of course, totally “copyright” movie – a movie as an emanation of a unique, wise and uniquely gifted person.

The man once and for all, has won universal trust. It is not just respected – he was loved. It was “his.” His films – comedy, unpretentious, song, light perception – were perceived as his statement, his weighty judgment, which did not dare to challenge anyone: Ryazanov was the ultimate truth. It has been for millions of moral authority. About how it happened, write the study. And yet, few people bother to think about the secrets of irresistibility Riasanovsky art. Although by acquiring these mysteries of the very existence of our cinema, in front of losing viewers. After all, Ryazanov has managed for the long life of their only multiply, and still no one competing, easily survived a match with “Shrek” and “Avatar”.

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He was a man of natural as nature itself. He says what he thinks. Did he considered necessary. To no one bend, he bustled not be diplomatic, not metal beads. Friends chose himself, and never made a mistake in their fidelity. The student youth, he was lucky to communicate with individuals large, minds sharp talent unique – Eisenstein, Yutkevich, Romm, Kozintsev, in his VGIK then easily people were walking legend, master of classics, their very presence to sharpen the mind and fostered loyalty to the principles and resistance shock. And when after decades in the walls of the Union of Cinematographers sparked tough battles – debate about the ideas of living and dead, sheer war for the preservation of the former creative fraternity – Ryazanov was one of the first and the main fighters. And when the Brotherhood still broken up, he just walked away in disgust from the fact that until recently it was a single cinema and now disintegrated into small fiefdoms. Man is fundamentally different scale, it is this bunch of little, just do not fit. I do not tolerate fuss ambition and ambition. Stay away.

Ryazanov was always crowded, it was always a lot and it has always lacked. He managed to become an idol not only in the movies. His television cycles – from the “Cinema” to the “mysteries of Paris” – a certain amount of work is difficult to be represented. There were in the course of his truly encyclopedic knowledge, accumulated since the time of the impoverished student youth, when all scholarship was on the books, but the books to swallow in one gulp and lay in a bottomless memory, always ready to be put into operation incontestable arguments and always relevant facts. Having started out as a documentary filmmaker, Ryazanov is now shone like a fantastically erudite interviewer and left us such comprehensive television portraits of French cinema workers, some may not have France itself.

He wrote poetry, and his catch phrase, too scattered Lighting as folklore, became songs, entered the popular wisdom. He could not work and always worked – even seriously ill never lost passion eternal creator and inventor. For our movie was going hard time when the director required not so much the art of making movies, as the ability to earn money for him. But even in these conditions, Ryazanov has managed to complete the long-planned his poetic and philosophical film about Andersen, and then, at the time had a complete lack of money, took off for television poetry collection of his poems – read them as a testament. With some difficulty, but always came in he created club “Eldar”, participated in the creative evenings – tried to be with the people, for which he lived and worked.

His films will remain with us, and the generations that will come after us. But their laughter, which before was not carefree, now always painted sadness. So we are moving away from the Titans.

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