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Eldar Ryazanov and his films – BBC Russian

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On the night of November 30 in a Moscow hospital on the 89 th year of life died People’s Artist of the USSR Eldar Ryazanov.

The director left behind 30 films, each of which became the hit of the Soviet and Russian film.

Many pictures Ryazanov went on quotes his films made over 40 years ago, still looks the same breath, and we can confidently assert that No audience in Russia, who did not know the name of the director.

The very Ryazanov spoke about himself modestly: “I myself have never felt classic – no movies, no literature,” – said the People’s Artist of the USSR.

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Image caption Scene from “Carnival Night”

Musical comedy “Carnival Night” , released in wide release in 1956, is considered to be the first feature film by Eldar Ryazanov.

In spite of the skepticism of the artistic council, who called the director filmed a rough material ‘boring and untalented “, the picture was incredible at that time success with the audience: it has sold over 48 million tickets. The young actress Lyudmila Gurchenko, who performed in “Carnival Night” co-star, according to critics, suddenly became a star.

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Image caption Scene from “Hussar Ballad”

The movie “Hussar Ballad” , one of the protagonists of which was known popularly lieutenant Rzhev (the role of Yuri Yakovlev), shot to the 150 th anniversary of the Battle of Borodino, and its premiere took place in Moscow cinema “Russia” September 7, 1962.

On the role of Shura Azarov, which brilliantly played by Larisa Golubkina (it was her debut in the movie), tried and Svetlana Nemolyaeva and Alisa Freundlich.

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Image caption Scene from” Beware of the Car “

In 1966, the audience was presented a lyrical comedy Eldar Ryazanov ” Beware of the Car “, which he took on the story Emil Braginsky.

According to the memoirs of the director, the story was based on the popular in those years the legend of the “people’s Robin Hood” who hijacked and sold cars “plunderers of socialist property” and the money is transferred to the children’s home.

As it turned out later Ryazanov and Braginsky, the story of a noble kidnapper was completely fictional.

“This type of raised hands on the most sacred thing we have – the Constitution!” – He says one of the characters in the film.

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Image caption Filming “Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia”

In the Italian version comedy “Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia” Discontinued in 1973 Eldar Ryazanov and Franco Prosperi, called “A crazy, crazy, crazy race in Russia” – Una matta, matta, matta corsa in Rusia.

It is said that producer Dino de Laurentiis, initially familiarized with a script written by the duo Ryazanov-Bragin, announced its complete nonsense that Italian viewers watch will not.

At the request of de Laurentiis Ryazanov rewrote the script, turning it into a film-chase with a variety of stunts and scenes with a live lion.

Ryazanov loved to play in his paintings bit parts. The “incredible adventure”, he appeared in the film in the form of doctors on the wing of the aircraft, which beat the ice with icy mafia.

The dialogue from the film:

– What do you not know that I am Russian by birth – Yes?

– What, is it not much?

– Very much! You have a beautiful Ukrainian accent!

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Image caption On the set of “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!”

“The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath” (1975) is still considered one of the most popular Soviet films traditionally demonstrated on Russian TV New Year.

The film is based on the play “Enjoy Your Bath! or One New Year’s Eve”, which was written in 1969 and by the time the pattern in the rental was in various theaters.

will play a major role Polish actress Barbara Brylska dubbed Valentine Talyzina, but her name is not in the credits, as well as indications that the songs of heroes and Brylska Myagkova performed Alla Pugacheva and Sergey Nikitin. Eldar Ryazanov himself starred in a passenger on the plane, which constantly falls Lukashin sleep.

The dialogue from the film:

– No, I’m serious. We have an opinion particularly difficult. And suddenly it is wrong? Mistakes are costly medical people. – Yes … Errors are less noticeable teachers, but in the end they cost the people no less expensive.

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Image caption “Office Romance”

The movie “Office Romance” , released in 1977, was the adaptation of the play “Colleagues,” written in 1971 by Eldar Ryazanov and Emil Braginsky.

The words of the famous song “There is no bad weather “to the music by Andrei Petrov were written by Ryazanov.

During the filming of” Office Romance “songs played himself Andrei soft (in the” irony “of him singing Sergei Nikitin).

” If there were no statistics, we would not even aware of how well we work “, – says the film’s protagonist, Anatoly Efremovich Novosel.

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Image caption Scene from “Garage”

In the film “Garage” (1979), based on real events, Ryazanov did not change myself and re-appeared in a cameo role. Hero Ryazanov – Head of insects, who slept all the assembly of the cooperative, leaning on a stuffed hippopotamus.

“Garage”, released in rent in 1979, tells the story of a meeting of the garage co-op, where you need to decide which one of those present deprive the garage. The action takes place in the USSR in the late 1970s in the fictional SRI “protection of animals against the environment”.

Quotes from the film:

– crane was paid the premium, which is carried out strictly according to estimates as pay day watchman. Day watchman was paid strictly according to the estimate as laying asphalt, and asphalt work were paid strictly according to the estimate, as the greening works.

– What do you do, aspirantochka? Crane studied the silver, and he, among other things, nests abroad … This pie in the sky – do not our bird.

– Silver Crane – Bird dark. She does not read newspapers and so has no idea our or she capitalist.

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Image caption Scene from “Station for Two”

The main roles in the film “Station for Two” played Basilashvili Oleg and Lyudmila Gurchenko.

The painting took part in the official competition program of the Cannes Film Festival in 1983.

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Image caption Scene from “Cruel Romance”

“A Cruel Romance” removed in 1984 based on the play by Alexander Ostrovaskgo “Bride.” For the role of Larisa Larisa Guzeeva Ogudalovoy became film debut.

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Image caption Scene from “Forgotten Melody for Flute”

“Forgotten Melody for Flute” , published in 1987, lifted by the play “Immoral Tales” which Ryazanov wrote with Braginsky. Starring Leonid Filatov, Tatyana and Irina Kupchenko Dogileva starring.

The dialogue from the film:

– Ham me, sorry, no. What are you seduced me more?

– Caviar.

– Oh, caviar is just! Squash!

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“I believe that a man must be himself always do what he sees fit . Many times I was a fashion out of it, but never did anything to be trendy. Sometimes I was fashionable, sometimes was not fashionable then again became fashionable. Each person must express himself, if he is, what express “.

” For myself, I can say one thing – I always did these movies that I, as a viewer, I would like to see. When I saw this picture, made by others, I have always regretted that it was not I put it, “- he said Ryazanov few years ago, answering questions from readers


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