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Architects are unhappy with the repair Novosibirsk Opera House – REGNUM

Novosibirsk, November 18 2015, 10:07 – REGNUM In Novosibirsk, the architects are unhappy with the repair that was made at the Opera House. They sent an open letter to the mayor of Anatoly elbow , demanding the return of the former copyrights interior solutions.

Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre (NGATOiB), now called Novato, a new theatrical season opened completely recently – 13 November. Such a late start of the season it was associated with the repair: updated facade and interior of the building. Repair, which began in May, caused discontent not only among the public of the city, which has repeatedly drawn the attention of the authorities to the “illegal”, in their opinion, the actions of the theater director Vladimir Kehmana . Repeatedly Novosibirsk took to the picket lines, demanding to dismiss Kehmana and to understand how the reconstruction of the monument of architecture, which is the theater, appropriate protection legislation.

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Later, the management of state protection of objects of cultural heritage of the Novosibirsk region has demanded to stop the internal repair of the largest in the region, the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater.

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Despite the dissatisfaction of many, nevertheless continued to repair and, ultimately, was completed. Attended the opening of the season viewers were divided into those who admired the new interior, and those who protested. As a result, they rebelled decided to send a letter to the head of the city.

«The leaders of the city and the region have not been able, using state laws protect the theater from the offensive ambitions of the head: with no discussion and agreement, Mr. VA Kehman began to repair not only facades that really need it, but also took up the reconstruction of the interiors, including the audience that nobody had the right to do “- say the authors of the letter.

It should be noted, the building of the Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre is the largest theater building in Russia. It is located on the main square of Novosibirsk and is one of its symbols. The large hall can accommodate 1774 spectators. The theater was built by the end of 1940, its official opening was scheduled for August 1, 1941, but the war prevented the plans. In wartime, many exhibits are kept evacuated from the European part of the USSR museums, including the Tretyakov Gallery, the Hermitage and the Pushkin Museum. Pushkin Museum of Ethnography, palaces, museums of Pushkin and Pavlovsk, museums Novgorod, Sevastopol, Tver State Collection of violins from the Bolshoi Theatre. The opening of the theater took place shortly after the Victory Day – May 12, 1945.

It is believed that the Opera House is not only a “temple of art”, the city’s symbol, but a symbol of the victory of the Russian people over fascism.

The authors of the letter, including the Doctor of Architecture, Professor Marina Kolpakova and members of the Novosibirsk Union of Architects Gennady Gavrilov and Vladimir Khandozhko , reminiscent of the building Theatre – is the city’s only subject on which personally was issued in 2014 an order of the Ministry of Culture of Russia for the Protection of him as an object of cultural heritage of federal importance. And subject to the protection of interiors premises.

The letter states that on 29 October, a group of architects visited the building of the theater, to assess the results of repair. “Unfortunately, the satisfaction of these works have not caused: stone stucco facades has become diverse in color and in texture, and a method for treating and capitals of the columns and pilasters all painted with black paint, metal overhangs of eaves are made of poor quality and in some places already wet plaster “- say the architects.

By submitting a letter to the mayor of Novosibirsk, the authors are confident that “the Commission, which will take the job, do not sign the certificates of readiness, and already in 2016 the facades will be finalized.”

«We hope that in a city where there are the police and the prosecutor’s office, the leaders of the city have the strength and political will encourage presumptuous Director – Mr. VA Kehmana respect Russian laws and return to the interiors of visual space author’s original interior “, – emphasized in the letter.

In the mayor’s office of Novosibirsk IA REGNUM have reported seeing information about the message in the local media, but exactly Are Anatoly Lokot itself open message until it can. “We read about it. Does this letter to the mayor, I can not confirm yet. But the fact that it is laid out in open access to various Internet sites, we know. I sent this message to the mayor as an information message that he too was aware of, because it reacts to such things. Tomorrow will be a meeting with the journalists, and I think, if asked about it, he will comment, “- said IA REGNUM Head of Information Policy Department Novosibirsk City Mikhail Stolyarov.

Recall Vladimir Kehman headed the theater (now Novato – approx. IA REGNUM ) after the scandalous dismissal of the former head of the Boris Mezdricha . In February, the city prosecutor’s office instituted administrative proceedings against the then director of the theater and film director Boris Mezdricha Timothy Kulyabina , staged Richard Wagner «Tannhauser.” The case filed by the article on the desecration of religious literature and objects of religious veneration, symbols and paraphernalia. The audit was conducted at the request of the Metropolitan of Novosibirsk and Berdsk Tikhon . As a result, proceedings were dismissed “for lack of administrative offense”, but Mezdricha yet from the post was removed and in its place was appointed Kehman.

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However, the new head of the Opera at the Novosibirsk public relations as something did not work out. Kehmana it does not bother at first his press – conference, he said he did not consider it necessary to listen to the views of Novosibirsk.

In Conversation with Vladimir Kehmanom tried to join the Public Chamber of Novosibirsk region, inviting him to organize a public hearing on the fate of the theater. Response to the proposal was not followed.

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