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Eldar Ryazanov: The Irony of Fate, or artistic council Beware! – RIA News

MOSCOW – RIA Novosti. Classic kinematografa- Soviet and Russian film director, screenwriter, People’s Artist of USSR, Eldar Ryazanov, the author of the popular comedy “Irony of Fate” Carnival Night “,” Office Romance “, died in Moscow’s 89-year life, told RIA Novosti on Monday, his grandson Dmitry Troyanovskiy.

Ryazanov was born November 18, 1927 in the city of Kuibyshev (now Samara) in the family of employees of the Soviet trade mission in Tehran, Alexander and Sophia Ryazanov. Shortly after his birth the family moved to Moscow.

The writer and sailor

The future director and writer since childhood loved to read, and in the eighth grade, he had no doubt that is bound to become a writer.

“The writer must know the life – that I learned fast. And I did not know it. My being the then no interest – so I believed in that war, the time … If we write something about the strong character of exotic faraway countries of the all-time adventures, great passions, I thought. And he came to the conclusion that before the master writer’s case, I have to pick myself a profession that would give the opportunity to learn life “- wrote in his memoirs Ryazanov.

your favorite books young Ryazanov was a novel by Jack London “Martin Eden” and the future director decides to do after school in Odessa Nautical School, he was even a letter to go there, but the response in wartime did not receive.

Study VGIK

After the ten-year external student, 17 – year-old Ryazanov learns from his friend about the existence of the Institute of Cinematography and instantly make a decision. The workshop Grigory Kozintsev Ryazanov went on the first attempt, becoming the youngest student at the Institute of Cinematography on the course.

“I had to take immediately the rapid run-up in order to catch up with their classmates, people, adults who had the experience of life – some of them came from the front. My youth, inexperience, lack of views on art were both advantages and disadvantages. Dignity, perhaps, was the fact that I represented, in fact, the soft clay from which you can sculpt anything. I was open to any knowledge, attitudes and theories that would want to invest in me, Master, “- wrote Ryazanov.

In 1950 Eldar Ryazanov graduated from the Film Institute, defended his documentary film” They learn in Moscow “with classmate Olga Fomina. Young directors received a diploma with honors. After studying for 5 years Ryazanov worked for the Central Documentary Film Studio.

“The daily work on the newsreels and news releases pushed to the stereotyped thinking. I felt that loses its freshness glance, start thinking stamps. I realized it is necessary to go into the feature film “- recalled the director a” documentary “period.

The most” boring “film

In 1955 Ryazanov came to the studio” Mosfilm “. The first musical comedy” Carnival Night “with Lyudmila Gurchenko and Igor Ilyinsky in the lead roles. Ryazanov took off with the filing of the then head of the “Mosfilm”, an outstanding director Ivan Pyreva. Sam Ryazanov, he admitted, “had no desire to shoot a musical comedy”.

In the role Ogurtsova Ryazanov was initially seen the actor Peter Konstantinov. On candidacy Elias insisted again Ivan Pyryev. As recalled director, artistic council headed by director Sergei Yutkevich looked rough material considered coming comedy “gray, boring, worthless and hopeless”.

“I did not think about success, about festivals and reviews, I only dreamed about, that I am not driven to work and gave ever put another picture. I was not up to the ambition. In front of me was only one task – to survive, “- wrote Ryazanov.

The comedy was released December 29, 1956. Resounding success of the All-Union” Carnival Night “- the film has sold 48.6 million tickets – overnight made a star performer starring Lyudmila Gurchenko.

Comedy “survived”, “experienced”, and that’s the same for more than half a century, “very much alive” – ​​constantly gather multimillion audience of the former USSR, and the song “Five Minutes” actually became the anthem of the New Year.

In the next few years Ryazanov takes comedy classics of Soviet cinema: “Girl with no address” (1957), “Nowhere Man” (1961), “Hussar Ballad” (1962) “Give plaintive book” (1964), “Beware of the Car” (1966)

Detochkin – a hero for life

comedy “Beware of the Car”, which is considered by critics the best in the work of Ryazanov, the director shot on the novel by Emil Braginsky, published in the journal “The Young Guard in 1964. Over the screenplay Ryazanov Braginsky and worked together. Their duet was formed for many years, which resulted in the best Soviet comedy of the 70s: “Zigzag of Luck” (1969), “Old men-robbers” (1971), “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath” (1975), “Call Romance “(1977),” Garage “(1979).

In the role of the main character, Yuri Ryazanov Detochkin saw Yuri Nikulin, but that could not be removed. An Innocent Smoktunovsky candidacy, but the actor was too busy filming in Leningrad. Ryazanov was willing to wait, but after the shooting Smoktunovskij ill from overwork, and finally turned down the role. On the role of the director tried Detochkin Kuravleva Leonid and Oleg Yefremov. Efremov as a result of the investigator played Podberezovikova. After all, Ryazanov was able to persuade Smoktunovsky taking with him a receipt.

“It was an unprecedented event – the director took the actor a receipt that he will be shot! So far the archive in a folder of the film” Beware of the Car ” with orders, estimates and calendar plan is a receipt, which states: “I, Innocent Smoktunovskij, undertake no later than August 20 to come to Moscow and start shooting as Detochkin in the film” Beware of the Car “- recalls the director.

Perseverance Ryazanov justified. The film “Beware of the Car” became a cult, and the role Detochkin along with Hamlet – one of the best in the actor’s biography Smoktunovsky. Protagonist “Beware of the Car” immortalized in the homeland Ryazanov, 2012 in Samara to the 85th anniversary of the director was a monument hijacker altruistic. In recognition of Ryazanov, his hero – Detochkin, “an honest, noble, he should help the poor, the oppressed to stand guard.” About him he makes movies all my life.

The Adventures spree doctor

By shooting a Christmas comedy “Irony of Fate …” Ryazanov began in 1974.

“State Committee for Cinematography, and “Mosfilm” did not want to run a comedy in the production of any one series, not even as a short film “- recalled Ryazanov. But the director did not want to reduce the dialogue of the play, which he wrote in collaboration with Braginsky, in order not to facilitate the development of relations between the characters. It became clear that the film should be a two-part, but to “make a two-part film about the amorous adventures of Dr. spree – but who cares?” Do not allow. Then Ryazanov had the idea to make the film a television. And the director was right to have his own.

The film received the State Prize of the USSR, became the most popular in the history of Soviet and Russian cinema. Zhenya Lukashin and Nadia by Andrew Myagkova and Polish actress Barbara Brylska so liked by the audience, which for 40 years without them does not do any New Year’s feast in the entire Soviet and post-Soviet space.

From “mymra” to ” old horse “

In the period from mid-70s to early 80s Ryazanov removes the” Office Romance “with Andrei Myagkov and Alisa Freundlich, starring,” garage “,” Station for Two “,” Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia “,” About the poor hussar say a word. ” Comedy creative tandem Ryazanov-Bragin consistently beat all records at the box office and the cost of quotes: “How disgusting it is your fish in aspic”, “Oh, cushy went”, “Scratch my back”, “The gait is free, from the hip,” “Think, how swell! “.

Directing Ryazanov successfully combines the work of a leading TV program” Cinema “(1979-1985). In addition, on television, they were created more than 200 original programs.

In 1980-1990 Ryazanov making films “Cruel Romance”, based on the play by Alexander Ostrovsky “Bride,” “The Forgotten Tune for the Flute, “” Dear Elena, “” Promised Heaven “,” prediction “,” Hello, Fools, “” old horse “,” Still Waters “. “Still Waters” was the last film, created in collaboration with Ryazanov Braginsky, in 1998, the playwright died.

In 2002 Eldar Ryazanov to become president of the Russian Academy of Cinematographic Arts “Nika”. This post he held until 2007. In 2005, the director opened a film club “Eldar” – “the center of the domestic comedy” by definition of Ryazanov. In parallel, Ryazanov continues to make films. During this period, out comedy “Bedroom Key” on same farce Georges Feydeau, the biographical film “Andersen. Life Without Love” and “Carnival Night 2, or fifty years”.

The film-musical dedicated 50th anniversary of the film for the first time would be shown on television in New Year’s Eve 2007, just after the original 1956 and sure to view “Twist of Fate …”

Awards and titles

For outstanding cinematographic merits Eldar Ryazanov was awarded two Orders of Red Banner of Labor (1969, 1977), the USSR State Prize (1977), the State Prize of the RSFSR behalf of the Vasilyev brothers (1979), the Order of “Friendship of Peoples”, the Order “For Services to the Fatherland” II and III degrees (1996, 2008), the French Legion of Honor and the Order of Arts and Letters.


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