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Animation Konstantin Bronzit entered the short-list “Oscar” – Moskovsky Komsomolets

«We can not live without space»

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Animation “We can not live without space “Petersburg director Constantin Bronzit entered the short-list” Oscar “and in June received the Grand Prix at the main animated film festival in the French town of Annecy – a sort of Cannes Film Festival in animation.

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Photo: A scene from the movie.

This 15-minute cartoon film tells the story of two friends-cosmonaut, a childhood dream to go into space. Before Annecy painting was awarded the first Russian National Prize in the field of animation, “Icarus” and a prize at the Festival of Animated Film in Suzdal. Ironically, Constantine himself was born on the Day of Cosmonautics. His painting “Lavatory history – a love story” of the worker of a public toilet has been nominated for “Oscar».

Congratulations to Constantine, and he adds: “With what?».

– I’m tired of explaining that it was not nominated. I do not like too much attention to the short-list. It’s just one of the steps. Yes, it is important, but does not give any status. Status nominee has to be earned. It’s nice of course, but we should not overestimate it.

– You already have Oscar experience. Can you remember the developments with the film “Lavatory history – a love story»?

– It was only five or six years ago, and the difference is huge. When the film hit the short-list was complete silence. Social networks have not worked so hard. The noise started just at the moment when the film got to the nomination. For 10 days before the ceremony “Oscars” in the group of animation nominees I traveled all the “cereal” places of Hollywood – studio Pixar, Disney, DreamWorks, Sony Pictures. Excellent experience! We are showing their films. We were met at the studio as the guests of honor, fed a festive dinner, gave gifts. It was a professional trip without family and children without a team. Then we went back to Los Angeles. It remained to relax, pat tuxedo, call a taxi and go to the ceremony.

– Highly experienced, not having received the “Oscar»?

– What cunning? It’s impossible not to worry. If you are emotionally not enabled, then all you can not to go.

– A Who informed you about the short-list?

– After I became member of the American Academy, one of the first to know all the news. Ironically, Facebook, social networks ahead of the official information. One of our Canadian colleagues, directed by Theodore Ushev first told me about it. Only 10 minutes later, I received an email from the Academy itself.

– Now what? Sit and wait for the result?

– From us nothing depends from the moment the film is sent to the address of the Academy. Please wait for the short list, then ads nominees. It will happen on January 14. It began a powerful, addictive game. As the card will fall, no one knows.

– You like kinoakademikov, has watched all the movies or just animated?

– All. In front of me lies a pack DVD. I do not understand how the American academics have time to see it all. But it is easier. They are within a year go to the movies. For the first time organized an online views in the short nominations, and I have looked all the long list of short films – fiction, documentary, animation.

– and seen all the movies that are included with the painting “We can not live without space “in the short list?

– All 10 films. This is a very different film, very different directors in a good way porridge. The results are generally unpredictable. Then triple-defined top five. It depends on the score.


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