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Movies: Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman played in one film –

«The mystery in their eyes» (Secret in Their Eyes)

USA, dir. Billy Ray, starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Dean Norris, Joe Cole, Michael Kelly, Alfred Molina.

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Los Angeles, 2002, the year after September 11 was only a few months. Not far from the mosque found the corpse of a girl killed – the daughter of one of the officers of the FBI. Her colleagues are like little, but at the same promising clue – but faced with the fact that spin thing he’s not allowed. It turns out that he is suspected – “their” people in the Muslim community, and the golden rule states that the fight against terrorism: «Protect informer» . After all, what is more important: to prevent another terrorist attack, and thereby save the lives of hundreds – or put behind bars banal rapists and murderers? ..

After thirteen years now retired agent says former colleagues that finally found the perpetrator, once departed from justice. The only problem is that the villain in the past years was already twenty times – but everything turned out to be wrong …

The trailer of the film “The Secret of their eyes»

You either know it’s a remake of a film that you have seen – or do not know, have not seen, and will come to the session with a pure soul. Based on this, we need two reviews: one makes sense to compare the new with the original movie, the other – to evaluate the painting itself, without any regard. Given how “popular” in our Argentine tapes, assume that the second group of spectators will be much longer – and therefore first turn to him.

«The Secret of their eyes” – a model detective thriller that can be It is recommended to all fans of the genre. It touches the very fact how unreliable the only evidence: syskar identified the killer … by the look on the pictures! .. Just a glance at the future victim, – is this enough to suspect the man?!. Clue number 2 – was found in the house of a potential villain comics drawn them; that, seriously? ..

It is clear that the prosecutor looks at it all with doubt, calling the hero to do their work and not be distracted from the fight against terrorism. Especially that «this guy is officially untouchable» , – so unwittingly draws a parallel with the “Black Mass,” which was essentially exactly the same thing: for the sake of his (noble, of course) the purposes of the FBI is ready to cover anyone , thus giving his informants carte blanche to commit any crimes.

scene from the movie “Secret in their eyes»

But what attracts the film in the first place – this is his cast is not easy, and intriguing Star – Nicole Kidman in the company Julia Roberts! Two superwoman, which is becoming increasingly difficult to procure for themselves the winning roles – known fact that a woman in Hollywood has traditionally ceases to be a favorite when she turns forty, and now both actresses have 48 …

What is particularly interesting: the story picture constantly jumps over a precipice in the time thirteen years, thereby allowing and “beauty” and “witch” to show themselves as if “before” and “after.” Only here Kidman over the years does not change at all – and freely takes the opportunity to confirm its status unfading Diva. But Roberts was not afraid to be on her background uniform old woman, unrecognizable grown old «a million years» , – which is not surprising for the lost daughter of the heroine and allows to admire not only in acting as female feat (to predict whether there coming nomination ? ..).

scene from the movie “Secret in their eyes»

And she and the other having at least one power output: one instantly makes conclusions about the interrogated glance at neckline of her blouse; the second opposes the death penalty, saying that «Death is too good for this guy» . And it is not even matter what the scale of the film, both are in the background of Chiwetel Ejiofor (“12 Years a Slave”), which falls on almost the whole story liability. This is exactly the case when the movie will obviously not the guy to see.

What else distinguishes this band from others – a quiet “sound of a broken string,” which acts as an unspoken longing for what, where did those years. Thirteen wasted years – during which Ray systematically leafing through pictures of American prisoners, Claire climbed the service, yearning for escaped feeling and Jess tormented himself as not every happen to even come … Perhaps this sadness, the sadness – the best privnёs into another the story of Billy Ray, an experienced writer, occasionally practicing in directing.

A scene from the film “Secret in their eyes»

Then think of the foregoing: “The mystery in their eyes” – a remake and some of the fans could see the original, simply because in 2010, the Argentine thriller Juan Jose Campanella (director, working primarily on TV) won the foreign-language “Oscar”, beating at the finish line of work European giants Michael Haneke and Jacques Audiard (“White tape “and” Prophet “, respectively – at the Cannes festival, they shared the main prizes). This outcome did not expect, of course, those who won the movie could not see – in other disputes would be less likely.

From his seasoned Cannes contenders “The Secret in Their Eyes” different is not something that some high quality, but the final, from which the hair stood on end; it is a powerful point and decided the whole thing. The real surprise viewers nasmotrennost Now more and more difficult – especially after what he did to the genre of David Fincher in “Seven” and “Fight Club.” There’s also managed to do it – and it is unlikely that anyone will be able to forget the ending.

scene from the movie “Secret in their eyes»

When it became known that Hollywood has decided to remake (or a new adaptation of the novel by Eduardo Sucher, translated, by the way, and Russian language), surprised no substitute pronouns (US «their» and it was), and the emergence of a second female role (how could she come from?). Now all became clear – and I must say that the American adaptation has been very high quality, is not worse than the Argentine productions. There are in fact remakes, the whole meaning of which is only in the fact that they were made in English with the stars. This tape – not one of them: almost telling the same story, its creators still puts his emphasis. Taken as a basis for story structure with its integral parts enriched with new overtones, and a different arrangement of the central figures allowed the new film, which is important not to become mindless repetition of old.

Indicative in this sense, the rejection of the play’s most famous (except the final) stage of the picture – a very long (and master!) frame, in which the camera fell on the football field, they find themselves on the podium among the fans, and then penetrating inside the stadium. All the “salt” was not in the frame as not to replace the game on baseball – it’s still in that «we must find the killer before it makes Jesse» .

Scene from film “Secret in their eyes»


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