Thursday, November 19, 2015

In Moscow will be a grand festival of world animation – SoftSraze: actual and objectively


Christmas Fair, the exhibition history of the world of animation, the largest ice rink in Europe and the 27-meter illuminated spruce will be the main project ENEA festive New Year’s Eve. On Thursday informed the head of special projects of the exhibition Elena Davydova, reports

«On ENEA main central object – a skating rink, which occupies most of the central zone, so the main cultural program focuses on It “- Davydov said.

According to her, the rink will open on November 27 in 2015 with an area of ​​infrastructure will take more than 68 thousand sq. m. m, which is 11 thousand sq. m. m more than in 2014. Its shape following the shape of the ice “fabulous golden key.” To create a true masterpiece of the art of the ice, it took 2.5 tons of sand, 4.1 thousand. Cubic meters of water, 25 thousand sq. Meters of plastic film and 4.5 thousand sq. M. m rubber coating.

Also, the entire winter season at ENEA in the halls will be an exhibition «Watch Me Move: Legends and face the world of animation at ENEA.” The exposition will introduce visitors to the main ENEA names of world animation – from the authors of the first black-and-white multeksperimentov to the leaders of the new wave of animated art-house. “The exhibition will include the best releases of the major animation studios – Walt Disney, Warner Bros., Aardman, Pixar, Ghibli. The exhibition is already sold-out took place in New York and other capitals of the world, “- said Davidov.
In addition, in mid-December, visitors will start Christmas Fair, which will unfold on the main avenue in front of the pavilion №1. “As in the classic Christmas market where you can buy sweets, souvenirs, drink hot tea and non-alcoholic mulled wine”, – said the agency interlocutor.

The main festive attribute becomes an art object – a 27-meter spruce, which established near the entrance to the fair. “It will be made of luminous elements and will resemble the shape of a cone. The peculiarity is that you can go inside and make a memorable eating photo “- Davydov said. Mount it will begin in the near future, to see him in the park will be in mid-December.

wishes to be able to celebrate the New Year right at the rink. Ticket sales for the Christmas ice session will be opened at the beginning of December. “We tried to do so last year, and realized that people really like the New Year at the rink welcomed more than 3 thousand. People. This year will be held a large colorful event with the participation of artists, “- said Davidov. The holiday will begin at 21:00 MSK on December 31 and the fetus before three o’clock in the morning. He completed his salute. Theme New Year’s Eve is kept secret.


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