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Maya Plisetskaya: And live my way out of the center of the scene under the “Bolero” … – TVNZ

Plisetskaya was going to celebrate the anniversary of the bright and beautiful. As always. Back in April, with Rodion Shchedrin I flew to Moscow to negotiate the upcoming celebration. She missed her audience by thunderous applause by an enthusiastic element of the hall. She wanted more time to go to your favorite scene of the Bolshoi.

She did say, last look around the room, who knew her triumphs, go backstage, traveled and tears and love.

Do not stop even then, the theater experienced a major overhaul and updated to the roots. That is no longer the old boards of the scene (“The big stage – the best. Oh, believe me, I always danced”). And the floor at the ballet machine that has absorbed a daily backbreaking sweat. And the door of the first entrance, through which she was for many years was part of the theater, it is another – not knowing her fragile, but strong hands.

Maya M. even had time to sketch a working version of the program, which became in fact almost the creative will. Here – all time favorite (see. Photo on the right).

«Ensemble Mosaic, something spectacular, but not long … Variations of stantsovannyh me … Spanish flamenco ballets – woman (preferably the best of today) … Ballet A. Brass with breakdance and other effects … “Rose” – Lopatkin … “Bolero” entirely – Cherry with Bejart Ballet … “Carmen” – Zakharov … Code pm – 5 – 6 minutes past cycles “Bolero” – and live my way out from the center of the stage to the music … »

All came to pass. In addition to the last.

Prior to the November anniversary of Maya M. did not live only a few months. As the monstrous injustice of fate! However, Plisetskaya has never been its darling. For decades, she fought for the right and do and live as dances independently inspiration, breaking the boring standards. And did the trick: the notorious Soviet Minister of Culture Furtseva, unable to cope with the prima ballerina, even called her “traitor” classics.

But Plisetskaya still the whole evening was on the scene. In those roles, where once shone … Each of the brightest stars of modern Russian ballet that danced in the evening of her party, every artist always after the speech bow to again and again there is the scene of dazzling portrait of a beautiful woman.

Of course, everyone was dancing in their own way. No copy of the problem set how Ulyana Lopatkina said, “it is simply impossible – you still lose” … When the Bolshoi prima Svetlana Zakharova before the celebration of the 80th anniversary of Maya Plisetskaya began rehearsing Carmen, Maya M. said: “She sees his own role and rightly so: it is not important leg tear – there insanely important, why are you on the stage. ” And Zakharova was happy.

After the “Carmen Suite” risen hall drowned in applause: first – artists, and then, turning to the royal box where sat Rodion Shchedrin – an outstanding composer, his wife Maya Plisetskaya. Everything was great, but seemed to need some kind of the point, some last chord in this stunning view, where in one night on one stage shone Diana Vishneva, Ulyana Lopatkina, Svetlana Zakharova, Maria Alexandrova Ballet Bejart, the best Spanish Eva Yerbabuena flamenco dancer, wonderful “Todes” Hall continued … encore, as if waiting for “final Plisetsky».

And it means – there should be no speeches. Maya M. scary not loved, believed craftiness …

And then sounded the chords “Bolero” – and a fierce fire in his eyes, it burst like a whirlwind: full enormous height of the screen on a huge stage. Time has no power over her passionate gift. Once again it becomes clear that one Plisetskaya. This will remain.

The audience burst into applause and shouts of “Bravo”, flies into space Plisetskaya.

But this was a special room: the business elite with their halves in tiaras and furs high bureaucratic officials and presidential advisers … Next to Rodion Shchedrin in the royal box were Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin in the directors’ box you could see Vladimir Vasilyev … I tore the evening 93-year-old Cardin, friend Maya for more than forty years, but here it is forbidden to fly doctors. By the way, during the intermission it was possible to see the exhibition, organized by the Bolshoi Theatre: suits, in which Plisetskaya dance, pointe, posters …

And the day before in the hall of Tchaikovsky’s musical offering great ballerina presented Valery Gergiev with his famous orchestra. Played Mahler’s “Carmen Suite” and, of course, “Bolero”. And at the moment of its execution on the screen scene danced Plisetskaya: record, battered time from some foreign funds, since Russia was not preserved (film with a single execution of the “Bolero” at the Bolshoi washed away by order of the officials of the Party and Culture). .. And here, on the screen, it’s still so blazed his fierce talent and mad energy that seemed to be about to come to us, sit next to Shchedrin … Hall stood, clapped and wept.

This was, of course, another room than the more. It’s a lot of people who still remember the performances of “our shirts,” who once was ready to spend the night at the theater, hoping to get pass-or catch an extra ticket. Do not pampered life spectator, swept through the entire life of delight in the wonder of creation. Such fans are now probably just does not happen.

And Plisetskaya danced for everyone: for you and me – ordinary people, for kings and presidents. And always and everywhere, in every hall sounded and sounds – «Ave Maya!».


In the park on the Big Dmitrijevka a monument

In Moscow, opened the square named Plisetskaya. A couple of years ago, during the art festival, the world-famous for its graffiti artist Eduardo Kobra painted on the wall of the house on Bolshaya Dmitrovka huge vivid portrait Plisetskaya. This immediately and the Swan and Firebird! He was not familiar with it, did not see the scene, yet the power of talent he was able to convey the character of a ballerina, at the foot of which was the whole world.

«I just flipped out – tell me Plisetskaya – when for the first time I saw the work of the Brazilian. ” However, they Shchedrin, appearing in Moscow, specially came here to admire. And once been disappointed: next building was, at the portrait appeared cabins …

Now the city authorities all landscaped – Get the memory area of ​​the great ballerina. Not far – Grand Theatre. And Dmitrovka – one of the streets of Moscow theater. It has become a tradition: the audience after performances go home, detained, photographed …

Here and there will be a monument to the great ballerina. A summer dance classes will be held. As recognized at the opening of a memorial plaque at the portrait of Rodion Shchedrin: “Plisetskaya stepped into the future».


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