Tuesday, November 17, 2015

In the mayor’s office of Samara warn about the liquidation of the queue in kindergartens – REGNUM

Samara, November 17, 2015, 10:19 – REGNUM Head of Department of Education Administration of Samara Lily Galuzina reported that the regional center to achieve the elimination of queues in the kindergartens close to 100% – posed problem will be solved in time. At the same time city manager of the regional center Oleg Fursov noted that the authorities do not have time for the number of children who are born in Samara, the correspondent IA REGNUM .

According to Lilia Galuzina, since the beginning of the year has created more than 2,000 seats. Open kindergartens at: Street Mountain, 2 Street Yenisei, 10a street Agibalova, 13 preschool groups in the “Education Development Center” on the streets of Simferopol, 22. And the four family educational groups in 1288 additional seats in preschool children already working gardens. In addition, a further 339 pre-school places in private kindergartens in the framework of the project “Building the Garden».

By the end of 2015 in the preschool education system is planned to introduce another six facilities at 525 locations. Among them – nurseries outside the future, 5, in the Youth Alley, 19a, as well as in the village Mekhzavod. According to the official, at the present time, the problem of priority of children aged three to seven years almost completely solved in Krasnoglinsky, Kuibyshev, rail, Lenin and Samara regions.

According to the report Galuzina, work on creation of new jobs will not stop. “According to forecasts, it is expected to increase the birth rate by at least 400 people a year. To prevent the formation of a new line is necessary to create at least 2,000 new jobs per year, “- she said.

«In recent years, was created 18 thousand. places in kindergartens. None of the previous decade could not boast of such results. Of course, we do not have time for the number of children who are born in Samara. But we have these difficulties are not afraid – we plan to open new kindergartens “- summed up the city manager Oleg Fursov.

As previously reported IA REGNUM , in September of this year, the first deputy head Administration of Samara Viktor Kudryashov said that the New Year in the regional center plans to complete the repair of four preschools. According to him, this will totally eliminate all kindergartens for children aged from three to seven years. “Just since September 1, we enrolled in kindergartens 9200 children. About 1,000 children while waiting in line, “- he stated.

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