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The inspirer of attacks in Paris and his accomplices. Who are they? – BBC Russian

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Image caption The search for the suspects in the attacks in Paris and their partners are under way in Belgium

According to the French authorities, as a result of raids carried out across the country, arrested 23 people, seized dozens of weapons.

“This is just the beginning, the operation will continue,” – said the Minister of Internal Affairs of France Bernard penalty and promised retaliation against those who organized Friday’s attack that killed 129 people, is comprehensive.

In the center of the investigation into Friday’s attacks in Paris – their alleged mastermind and organizer, 27-year-old Belgian of Moroccan origin Abaud Abdelhamid, who lived in the same suburb of Brussels, Molenbeek, that two of the attackers.

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Abdelhamid Abaud, reportedly quickly rose in the hierarchy of the IG

According to representatives of the security services, he is more likely, is now in Syria in the ranks of the “Islamic state.” Perhaps he was also involved in two failed attacks on a train bound for Paris, and one of the capital’s churches.

In the suburbs of Brussels, Molenbeek, where, according to some reports, there lived two of the suspects in the attacks in Paris Monday passed the police raids. Two of the seven detainees accused of terrorism.

As suggested by the investigators, the attacks were planned in Belgium and were carried out with the help of partners in France.

Meanwhile, French police continue to investigate the identity of the participants attacks and their possible accomplices. Here’s what we know about them at the moment.

Image copyright Policia de Francia
Image caption Salah Abdeslam is on the run. The police announced that he was armed and very dangerous.

Salah Abdeslam – 26 year-old Belgian, is suspected of involvement in attacks in Paris and the international wanted list. After Sunday in a Paris suburb was found a car Volkswagen Polo, who allegedly used the attackers, the police concluded that Salah could be the only one of the attackers, who managed to escape. Police warned that he might be armed and dangerous, so approach it should not be.

It was established that Volkswagen was registered in Belgium and hire Salah Abdeslamom. However, as it turned out, the police, carry out spot checks at the border with Belgium, checked the documents of Salah and his two companions, who were traveling in another car, and allowed them to leave France. This happened a few hours after the attacks in the capital. It is not clear how was admitted to a mistake, and when the police learned the name of Salah, as a person to rent a car.

According to the French channel BFMTV, according to a source in law enforcement, Salah Abdeslam and another one the attackers were known to the Belgian authorities.

Brahim Abdeslam – ’31. Brother Salah Abdeslama blew himself up at the bar on the Boulevard Voltaire in Paris, say the investigators. Hailing from a suburb of Brussels, Molenbeek. His name was arranged car hire Seat, found abandoned after the attacks. His name was mentioned in several files Belgian police-related Abdelhamid Abaudom. The documents relating to criminal cases that took place in 2010 and 2011.

“Communication with Verviers,” – says Belgian newspaper Standard, referring to a town in Belgium, where in January, police shot dead two armed men and destroyed the cell, the purpose of which was the murder of police officers just a few days after the attacks in Paris Editor Charlie Hebdo. Brahim and Abdeslam Abdelhamil Abaud lived in a suburb of Brussels, Molenbeek, where the vast majority of the population is Muslim. Some Belgian officials called this poor area “a breeding ground for jihadists”.

Mohamed Abdeslam – brother Salah and Brahim. He was arrested in Belgium on Saturday on suspicion of involvement in attacks Friday in Paris. But on Monday, he was released without charge. According to his lawyer Natalie Gallant, he learned of the death of his brother Brahim only on Monday.

Omar Ismail Mostefa – 29 years, a Frenchman. He blew himself up after the hostage-taking in a concert hall “Bataklan.” According to news reports, it is here that was discovered by his finger on which Mostefa and identified. A native of Kurkoron, which is 25 kilometers south of Paris. In recent years he lived in the city of Chartres, southwest of Paris, and visited a mosque in the nearby town of Lucey. The head of the mosque said he did not know him personally. According to the prosecutor Francois Molen, Mostefa come to the attention of police in 2004 – 2006 years, having made a number of minor offenses. Intelligence agencies knew that he held radical religious views, but his name never came up in the materials of counter-terrorism investigations. The French authorities believe that the views of Omar Mostefa become more radical in 2010. Perhaps he spent some time in Syria.

Image copyright Greek government
Image caption Ahmad Al-Mohammad is supposed blew himself up near the stadium” Stade de France “

A senior Turkish official confirmed the BBC BBC that in 2013 Mostefa enter Turkey, but the date of his departure is not known. The official, who requested anonymity, also reported that in October 2014, France asked Turkey about four persons suspected of terrorism. Turkish authorities have conducted an investigation and identified a fifth suspect – Omar Ismail Mostefa. All this to the French authorities, it was reported twice – in December 2014 and June 2015, but the response from Paris came to him only after the attacks on Friday.

Sami Amimur – 28 years, French citizen. According to the prosecutor’s office in Paris, in 2012, he was accused of aiding terrorism, but was later released and was under surveillance by the police, but he was able to take off her special bracelet, after which he was put on the international wanted list. He blew himself up in the concert hall “Bataklan.” It is reported that three of his relatives were arrested.

Bilal Hadfi – 20 years old, a French national living in Belgium. He blew himself up near the stadium “Stade de France”. It is reported that he may have fought on the side of the “Islamic State” in Syria.

Ahmad Al-Mohammad – 25 years old, born in the Syrian Idlib. It is assumed that he blew himself up near the stadium “Stade de France”. At the explosion site was found a passport in his name. His fingerprints were found in the files of persons who have arrived on the territory of Greece in October of this year.

The French newspaper Monde writes that one of the three suicide bombers in Saint-Denis took place in the same manner as the approximately 500 thousand migrants from the beginning of this year. It is about Ahmad Al-Mohammad.

“For a few days in early October, he covered about half thousand kilometers that separate the Greek islands from Austria following the” Balkan way, “became the main way of immigration to Europe . According to the French authorities, the digital fingerprints bomber match fingerprints in the passport, which was found next to him and with which he came to Europe “- said Monde.

Authorities in Greece on Sunday night announced that it is a passport in the name of Ahmad Al-Mohammad, a Syrian-born September 10, 1990. However, according to the Minister of Justice of France, a passport may be fake.

“The fact that the bomber was able to follow this route, reinforces concerns about the presence of members of the organization” Islamic state “among the refugees, even if the vast the majority of migrants – is the civilians who are fleeing from war, “- writes the French edition.

In September, a Dutch journalist Harald Doornbos has demonstrated that it is possible to buy a Syrian documents for the equivalent of 750 euro notes Monde.

As a result of a series of coordinated attacks on Friday night killed 129 people and 352 were injured.

Responsibility for the attack took banned in Russia extremist group “Islamic State”.


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