Sunday, November 15, 2015

Beruyuschie in full from the new kinokomedii shoke “Newest Testament” – SoftSraze: actual and objectively


Without a doubt, the best European comedy of the year – “Newest Testament” Belgian Jaco Van Dormael – in Russia looks quite -Other than in Europe. About the film says “Kommersant».

It was also perhaps the best film of the Cannes Film Festival, get on it was a problem. All charmed trenchant parody flawed world order, who came up with and who runs an autocratic, vindictive and quarrelsome god (Benoît Poelvoorde) – rather petty little soul. Creator of all things settled in Brussels, as a typical dictator took refuge in a bunker under the decorated middle-class apartment, treats his wife (Yolande Moreau), which turned into unpaid housekeeper, and a ten-year daughter. He is dissatisfied with the results of its activities, designed to fix the computer men can not – and still play the way to think of them as much as possible small mischief. Type of law falling sandwich – always buttered side down.

God’s daughter Ea (Pili GRUAN), barely entering into the age of puberty protest breaks out of confinement, naputstvuemaya older brother, who has been almost two thousand years since disappeared from the family and recalls his only canonical figurine on the cabinet, but to my sister comes to life: that in my own way nazyvetsya his JC (Jesus Christ). Before fleeing Ea his father reveals a computer text messages and alerts the inhabitants of Brussels on the date scheduled for each death – imagine what a mess brewed in the city? One that left cuckoo yet 62 years old, without a shadow of fear thrown off a skyscraper, the other (played by the director Van Dormael) learns that his left one second and then falls under the truck. Hard to be a god, Ea understands that as soon as her hands are the keys to human lives. Following Jesus she was trying to create a more humane world – via encountered on the street homeless writes “Newest Testament” and collects the Apostles, whose personal stories are before our eyes.

The communication between the divine and the human world through a secret tunnel : it is the entrance to funnel a washing machine, and output – City manhole. Almost everything else in the film performed as witty as invented the basic plot outline and the topography of the world order. By game scenes and gegam connected elements drawn animation: the more it looks like home-grown, the better the satirical intent. As circus Jaco Van Dormael past, whose path in art began in the guise of a clown. At some point you start to remember “The Creation” by Jean Effel, the idea goes in the direction of comics and cartoons and, of course, crawls to the “Charly Ebdo” with their scandalous images of the Prophet Muhammad. And here you see how far left European civilization from their eastern neighbors, whose religious feelings are so childish that they are worth nothing to offend. About Islam does not say – talk about the Orthodox. Hardly available on movie websites containing “Newest Testament”, the most timid began to ask questions: “Is it possible to watch the faithful?” We see the faith they loosely, mind, mind you, away from temptation. And those who are stronger, already hast taken a fighting stance in anticipation of a new sacrilege and blasphemy.

Meanwhile, the “Newest Testament” has little in common with radical views on religion and morality – a look that has been an integral part of public discourse more half a century or even a quarter ago. It suffices to consider the most colorful story line of the film: an elderly lady, a former beauty, dying of boredom with her husband meaningless (Catherine Deneuve), suddenly finds happiness in the arms of a huge male gorilla. This is not only an ironic paraphrase of “King Kong”, but also a replica of the characteristic motifs Marco Ferreri – it was called the Italian Bunuel, master of sarcastic anticlerical kinoopusov. One of them was called “the ape-woman”: character, overgrown hair, playing Annie Girardot. In the movie “Bye Bye Monkey” hero Gerard Depardieu was friends with chimps, and “Lisa” Catherine Deneuve was a female dog. And another grande dame of European cinema – Charlotte Rampling at the time already played an affair with a monkey in the movie “Max, my love.” All these sad dystopias sway a skeptical view of the Christian civilization era of its decline, and this skepticism was itself productive. “Newest Testament” makes sadness in irony and drama – in the somewhat sweet comedy that ends with the apotheosis of the happiness in the world with the light of women’s hands.

Van Dormael is not so naive as to believe in the saving potential of feminism. However, the exhaustion of the male civilization for him, it seems, is obvious. Perhaps for this reason, the Belgian director is in no hurry to go to Russia, where he was actively tout. The Russian premiere of the “Newest Testament”, which took place at the festival “Message to Man”, he sent a letter. It says: “Excuse me, I’m stuck in a washing machine somewhere on the road between Brussels and St Petersburg. A friend of mine, a fine example of a family of primates, was ready to go to Russia to Africa, but found that he did not have a visa, and decided not to join the army of the unfortunate refugees flooded the old Europe ».


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