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Found and lost: a review of the new film “Secret in their eyes,” with Nicole Kidman and Julia – Amurskaya Pravda

It is a pity – because despite the harsh reviews from critics, the film has turned out at Ray. Reviews professionals complete some personal, perhaps, resentment, built on the knowledge of the source. Argentine-Spanish picture that the Russian adaptation is called “The Secret in Their Eyes”, was released in 2009, and the following received the “Oscar” as “Best Foreign Language Film” (this is the time when absurd “Lord Locker “won all the major categories). On the tape we talked and have forgotten how to forget about almost all the winners of this award outside the countries where they were created. In the United States, apparently decided that forgetfulness is enough to re-tell the story of four studios and the efforts of several celebrities. Note that five years ago, critics also expressed unanimous enthusiasm for the European “Secrets” – Today, against the backdrop of a remake, it seems to them a true masterpiece, but then the film was accused of monotony, insecurity and inability director combine the two storylines.

Exactly the same accusations today hears and Ray, only to each of them added to the comparison. However, well-known history, not only to make a copy of the comparative analysis, and the resulting tape by no means be called weak – particularly in the eyes of those who do not know what’s all about. The track record is long famous writer, but as a director, Ray is not very experienced. Before you begin filming, he thoroughly reworked the script by Oscar winner American realities and even for themselves. In particular, one of the main characters was the woman specifically for Julia Roberts – it was one of the best finds of the creators of “Secrets in their eyes.” The plot is built around an investigation of the same murder, which is conducted simultaneously in two time intervals with a difference of 13 years, it became clearer and simpler by getting rid of a significant pause the European original. However, overly simplified “secret” will not name – this film is generally better to look at home rather than in a movie theater, to be able to return to the missed parts.

Before we thriller, what today is almost not removed – with one to a only one murder in the center, lots of dialogue and flashbacks, and good actors in the main roles. Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts were on a film set for the first time – with the second readily concedes the first responsibility for the feminine beauty. 48-year-old Roberts in “Mystery” appears, according to one of the heroes, aged millions of years – the metaphor is committed to becoming true. Probably 100 per cent demonstrate a desire for revenge for the death of her daughter, the actress has become the meaning of life can not – precisely because she spends a lot of forces on the image of extraordinary, superhuman fatigue. This yearning is not even in the eyes of the character Chiwetel Ejiofor, who was also there, from what tired – for 13 years he studied the pictures of criminals in the hope of finding one tempered murderer, but it is also a metaphor: in fact, these 13 years it just somewhere lost .

Trinity actors take-all thing, but there is Alfred Molina, crowning the political component of the plot (and most probably failed), Dean Norris, who all his life played by law enforcement agencies and famous to the role of Hank Schrader in the TV series “Breaking Bad,” and even Michael Kelly as a villain, which is destined to become a martyr. All this may look like a heap of unnecessary entities only at first sight – here everyone has their own task. Joe Cole played two roles at the same time, and one – to explain this puzzle would be to thoroughly spoil the pleasure of viewing the reader. And to do that you can not – “The Secret in their eyes,” has the ability to make the viewer wish that all fell into place with a passion similar to the one experienced by the characters. Ray deliberately uses the device in the spirit of Stephen King, when separated by many years of the same characters are changed except externally and socially, but in reality are the same people: the past devour the future.

Dear findings and losses, successes and disappointments are not only heroes, but also the director, who certainly have the courage, and the fact, to realize their own mistakes. All of these “routine police” some lack credibility, deeds of heroes do not always seem to be justified, and the killer will definitely get overly formulaic. The cruelties happening on the screen enough for 16+ in Russia, although most of it takes place in the imagination of the viewer. Chilling calmness and serenity of the film fascinating – from a lack of unnecessary running around, he only wins, recalling the times when fashion was a psychological thriller and one of the ten turned out to be very personal. This nearly two-hour story – of these, it shall not remain an unpleasant aftertaste or irritation, and even to reconsider the idea just does not seem stupid, even in our rich kinonovinki days.


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