Saturday, November 12, 2016

Died people’s artist Yuri Komissarov.

“I never dreamed about hamlet – confessed Yuri Komissarov in very atypical for his acting and the lack of ambition. – Probably, because I never dreamed about some of the great roles, I always liked roles where there is something human. I am with great pleasure to play “the lower depths” by Gorky. Always wanted to play some character role of Sukhovo-Kobylin, anything from the amazing Gogol, Chekhov…amazing.”

Actor Yuri Komissarov died ten days before his birthday – 21 November he would have turned 80 years old. He had a rich theatrical career. Life behind the scenes he knew thoroughly in all its manifestations received drama education in GITIS, and going all the way from “soldier to General” – from the illuminator in the theater “Lenkom” to people’s artist of Russia, leading actor of the Theater army. This theatre he devoted more than sixty years, and his first serious role he got there in 1959 – in the play “the earrings Malaya Bronnaya”. And then began a progressive “career” from a “Declaration of hate” to “love” (was on the Big stage of the Theater army plays with such names), and played dozens of memorable roles in the classical and contemporary repertoire.

“Actor – it was my second dream and the first one I wanted to be a doctor – shared Yuri Komissarov in an interview. – I wanted to be a surgeon, thought I could be of great benefit in this field. Through all life has carried by respect for this profession and such regret that I don’t have it. These two professions – doctor and actor – like. Now the romantic scales fall, when it is close to the theatre encounter. But still, the theater is a healing of the soul. I was surprised to see how mutilated the classics, Chekhov disfigure, mutilate Shakespeare. Peter Trofimov instead of shoot, opens a bottle of champagne… What quirks there… I also dreamed that the person comes to the theater each with their own problems, and they are each different, as with Tolstoy, “we are all unhappy in different ways, and equally happy”, so we are all unhappy in different ways, and everyone finds some kind of roll call that is happening on s tage. From good drama, good performances from good actors – this person comes to the theatre. And here I thought the surgeon that the artist, if he has a good role if he is busy in a good performance, he can bring some good to the wounded soul that came to the theater, and soul all their own wounded. Everyone has some kind of scratch the wound, but is necessary for it and people. That’s why I pulled in the theater.”

the plays of Ostrovsky held in the creative biography of Yuri Komissarov special page: “as a boy I skipped lessons and went to watch the old movie “the bride”, where the Above played in. I so wanted to play this role, and as fate turned out, that then in the theater after so many years I get this role… Ostrovsky is the Russian Shakespeare. Every piece reflects our Russian mentality, he has all of his characters are purely Russian. Here in “the Heart is not stone” in the last monologue Karmanova: “I am grateful that she brought me to this woman who knows what a person money given, and how they should live, so as not to become shameful it was him before the last court,” well, isn’t that about today although it was written God knows when?..”

Farewell to actor Yury Komissarov and the funeral will be held on Monday 14 November at 12 o’clock at Troekurov cemetery in Moscow.


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