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KVN celebrates 55th anniversary – TASS

MOSCOW, November 8. /TASS/. Club cheerful and resourceful (KVN) on Tuesday celebrates the anniversary of the legendary show, which has become the largest youth movement, has topped 55 essential years.

the First issue of KVN was held in the era of black-and-white television, 8 November 1961. Then the game was attended by students of foreign languages Institute and the Moscow engineering-construction Institute. Today KVN dozens of teams from more than 100 Russian cities, and also countries of near and far abroad.

Interest in the game is not lost

According to the permanent presenter Alexander Maslyakov, “it’s amazing that with such a long life interest in the game is not lost”. “What is the phenomenon of the game? In our country and in the CIS are so many talented, smart, full of excitement guys. The entire complex is present in the WHC, which makes the game interesting,” – said Maslyakov TASS. “What’s the secret of success to explain in human words is difficult. You just have to look at it and be happy,” added the host, noting that the WHC as a mirror reflects what is happening in modern life.

flag Relay “KVN-55″

preparations for the celebration of the 55th anniversary of the Club began in the beginning of the year. One of the main events of the jubilee year was the flag relay “club 55″, which was given to start in February. During the relay flag has been the fans of KVN in all cities where there are official League games. Also, the action could participate any person who is not indifferent to the WHC. To this end, the social networks were launched hashtags #эстафетаквн55 and #relaykvn55 that anyone could celebrate their birthday greetings in a video or photoformable in social networks.

the Final focus will be the gala concert on 12 November at the State Kremlin Palace with participation of commands of the Higher League, who will compete for the title of Champions.

match the humor, intelligence and grace

the Famous former player of KVN and permanent member of the jury of this game Yuliy Gusman in conversation with TASS said that “the secret of the success of the WHC is not that the game is in Prime time, not because on the First channel, not that the program has a large audience, and that the WHC was able to merge the intellectual, witty, ironic and other parties into a unified whole”. “Drink – it’s a culture that goes into the anecdotes, stories, life-giving sense of humor, which is the people,” said guzmán.

According to him, humor is a way of life, thirst of a person to creative expression. “It’s not just a concert and TV show, is the fight of humor, intelligence, grace and passion”, he said.

“you Know, some say that, well, humor is not the one, but I can say that now the WHC is great, but less improvisation, but with this set of humorous programs, which exist today on Russian TV, the Comedy continues to be terrific interest,” said guzmán.

Today, according to him, the WHC are about 12 million people worldwide. “It’s a big youth thing. We have a feeling that the members – the people cheerful, sprightly, but in fact it is a very smart and talented people. KVN instills a lot of wonderful qualities and I am glad that the management of regions and areas is an understanding of the importance of this movement,” added Guzman.

“for all of Us and with KVN and Maslyakov just lucky”

the General Director of channel one Konstantin Ernst, according to his confession, about his chairmanship of the jury as to the best vacation and one of the main pleasures. “As for the WHC in a philosophical-historical perspective, ninety percent of which is Russian entertainment (eng. entertainment, leisure is approx. TASS) is now made by people who have completed the WHC. People who played, wrote, administered, in General, been at it energetically rich broth,” said Ernst (from the Preface to the book by Alexander Maslyakov “KVN alive. The most complete encyclopedia”, 2017).

In his words, “a significant part of the production of the First channel, almost everything on TNT, much on STS, and a bunch of other channels created and continue to create Pets malakanskogo nest.” “And though the “master”, as behind called the great, often whine and refers to the fact that all he was tired, he is still the youngest, slim and a keen sense of giving a hundred points ahead twenty years and the articulation of the thousands of annual beginners the most talented and important”, – said General Director of First channel.

“Usually people who are popular projects 10 years to go mad from his own greatness, but he leads 55 and it is impossible to believe, and do not need. Treat this condition from a textbook of arithmetic. All of us with KVN and Maslyakov just lucky,” said Ernst.

the winner of the game eternal

According to the President of the International Academy of television and radio, the General Director of Public television of Russia Anatoly Lysenko, “the success of the WHC is that its creators very accurately predict demand at different times”. “I at various times was a participant of KVN and a member of the jury, and I can say that today the WHC is completely different, – said Lysenko TASS. “Today it’s more a show, not an Amateur improvisation”, he added.

According to him, “drink is a school from which came many groups of talented people.” “A huge number of people can not imagine modern television without the WHC. And this is the merit of a large team, which is headed by the permanent leader,” – said Lysenko.

He noted that “KVN passed so many years, to withstand various claims, attacks, but the game is eternal.”

Most popular Comedy show on TV

According to the study, conducted by the Russian centre for public opinion studies (VTSIOM) on October 29-30, KVN became the most popular comic transfer on Russian TV – software releases for 2016 was watched by more than 60% of Russians.

According to head of socio – political studies of VTSIOM Cyril homeland, “drink is the only Comedy show, the audience of which evenly covers all age groups, the rest of the transmission still have more orientation or youth (e.g., Comedy) or to older age groups (for example, “Petrosyan show”)”. “One part of the country looks Petrosian, another Comedy that unites us all – KVN: it is for all ages”, – said the representative of VTSIOM.

the popularity of the program is confirmed by the data on television viewing of the WHC, who provided the TASS at the research company TNS Russia. According to the company, the share of the audience of KVN (the average number of people who watched the TV program,

the percentage of the total number of viewers in a given time) this year amounted to almost 15% of Russians aged 14-59 years.


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