Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Tortured birth Sobchak and Vitorgan losing his mind – the Express newspaper

the actor lost his nerve because of the rumors about his wife’s pregnancy

Maxim Vitorgan could not bear the mass hysteria, which started after some local publications reported the birth of the presenter. Journalists claimed that the Ksenia Sobchak has become a mother, giving her husband a girl. Moreover, according to “knowledgeable sources”, the little girl even gave the name – Anna.

the slur, the actor literally lost his nerve and he posted an angry post in Instagram with the terrifying picture of the baby in the blood. The provocative photo was a picture of a naked child, smeared with something red. “Oh, damn, I’m banned by instagram (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author –,” said Vitorgan and no mistake: the administration of the social network immediately removed outrageous frame.

However, the husband Sobchak did not give up and re-issued its message, but without illustration. “Secretly gave birth to, was named Anna in honor of Oleg. After half an hour she grew and sucked the mother through chest inside out entirely. Sitting waiting for VEGACAL. Will sculpt a new mom. Would quickly, and Anna tomorrow morning in the army already, and I’m home alone I’m afraid to stay! Push, honey, push!”, – Maxim has shared his version of the birth of Xenia.

However, his post did not stop the curiosity of the public, and only further fueled the public interest. In particular, many followers was seriously worried, all right actor with the head. Others spotted in the words of celebrity about the army is a direct indication that the presenter is expecting a boy, writing “”.

By the way, Vitorgan not lazy and responded to those angry comments that poured in his address after the bloody photo. “And by the way, let “this is not to be trifled with” firmly take him by the hand “thank you” and go rows, leaving no trace on earth in your own personal Paradise. Here you unsightly put. With the device, naturally, where your joy can not show in instagram”, – said Maxim, once again demonstrating his unstable emotional state.

Recall information about childbirth Sobchak appeared on the evening of 9 November, some media. Itself Ksenia has denied these rumors by posting on Instagram a video from the pool. “I did water aerobics, warm up in the sauna, came into the dressing room and 104 (!!!) missed calls. Now I know the exact number of my friends are reading low quality yellow press:)))) ” – confessed to the Xenia.


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