Thursday, November 5, 2015

Between AIDS and Putin: Elton John to guard the rights of the LGBT – Inopressa

According to the popular British rock singer, philanthropist and open homosexual Elton John, criminalization and marginalization of LGBT extends the AIDS epidemic. In this regard, Sir Elton has created a fund intended to finance the identification and treatment of HIV-infected homosexuals in countries where homosexuality is illegal. The actor also intends to meet with Putin – the president of “the country in which people like [Sir Elton] beaten and deprived of rights.”

“World leaders have set an ambitious goal: to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030. This means that near the end of the disaster, which claimed 39 million lives, including many of my dear friends and colleagues “- said Elton John in an article for The Times.

John says that cheap generic drugs make treatment affordable for even the inhabitants of the poorest countries, but it is hampered by the marginalization of groups at risk – particularly gay. Singer recalls that in some countries it may be killed for who he is, and points out that such intolerance is not only inhumane, but also hinders efforts to fight AIDS.

“When you say you’re broken or even pervert, it becomes difficult to take care of themselves and to defend themselves”, – says John, and recalls that in dozens of countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean, gays are so afraid of beatings, arrests and killings that are hesitant to be tested for HIV. In Nigeria, even women and children infected with HIV do not receive treatment because the disease is associated with the outlawed homosexuality.

“Today, we have something to do with it. Elton John Aids Foundation in collaboration with the US government opens Foundation, whose mission – to provide diagnosis and treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender in countries where the laws on homosexuality is considered a crime, “- said John.

“Discrimination against homosexuals is still widespread in Europe, especially Eastern and threatening their lives. I welcome the opportunity to discuss this issue with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In his country, people like me, beaten and deprived of civil rights, “- also said in the article.

“The Artist and the president agreed to meet next year to discuss gay rights in Russia, according to Sir Elton in the Today program on Channel 4 BBC Radio, – indicates Katherine Snowdon in The Huffington Post. – Sir Elton said that they tried to “pick a date” and that he would go to Moscow to meet with Russian President when their schedules allow. ”

The newspaper reminds that the conversation was initiated by Putin, who apologized to the singer for the action play out his phone prankerov Vova and Lexus. Those called to John, posing Putin Peskov.

“He was very courteous, very sincerely apologize … Once in my diary there is a date convenient to both of us, I will go to Moscow to meet with him. I do not know if I will achieve I have made progress, but if I did not try … This is the beginning of the dialogue, without dialogue will achieve nothing, “- said Sir Elton.

“[Putin] was very polite and spoke good English,” – said the singer of the Russian president.


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