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Head of the Russian Space Agency are asked to open a movie theater on the East – Proceedings

Head of the Russian Space Agency are asked to open a movie theater in the East

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Co-producer of” Wii “Oleg Teterin wants to open a movie theater at the cosmodrome East (in the town of Uglegorsk Amur Region) and asked for assistance Acting to “Roskosmos” Alexander Ivanov (the letter is at “News”). As conceived by entrepreneur kinoploschadke will be part of the future network of prefabricated low-budget cinema “Teterin Film”, which will be a priority of the Russian cinema.

The leadership of “Roscosmos” the businessman asked for assistance in obtaining the necessary permits, the allocation of land area of ​​6 acres in a long-term lease and summarizing the necessary communications. In “Roskosmos” confirmed receipt of the letter and promised to answer until 30 November.

According Teterin, theater construction will solve the issue of leisure of the population and the staff of the cosmodrome East, to create a favorable climate for the development of national cinema, to support and promote domestic producers only snacks and drinks (bar the sale of products in cinemas) and develop the patriotic education of the population of the Russian cinema.

According Teterin, We are currently negotiating with a number of regions – pledged their support to local authorities in a number of cities of Moscow, Kaluga, Saratov, Kirov, Kostroma and other areas. Total interest expressed in more than 40 towns.

– By the end of the year will open the doors of three five-hall cinema in different regions of Russia, – said Teterin. – In 2016 it will open 97 more theaters (with 500 rooms). We have assembled a strong team of top managers of leading Russian theatrical networks, including “Cinema Park”, “Formula Kino”, and are pleased to see more and more professionals in their ranks. Also we are close to the strategic partnership with Russia “Vyatskiy kvas”, which can be a worthy substitute for Coca-Cola in the bars of our cinema.

The project cinema circuit “Teterin Film “- patented technology of prefabricated modular containers from the theater, the construction period of one pyatizalnika is 2-4 weeks, and the cost – 15 million rubles. It is also planned to convert the house of culture, and use the premises in shopping centers. An unnamed foreign investor is already invested in the project is 1.2 billion rubles in the form of film equipment (more than 50% of all investments). The remaining funding – about 1 billion – the producer plans to search through closed-end investment funds with which will “Russian investment company».

Photo: OOO “Teterin film”

According Teterin, cinema network “fully corresponds to “the proposal of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, as expressed in the educational forum” Tauris “August 17 this year, where he was asked to pay attention to cinemafication small towns of the country. Medvedev suggested that local authorities can contribute to private entrepreneurs: “The state should help with building – highlight in a particular city is more or less a decent room, repair it, and the owner of the theater is to take a loan and buy equipment.” Entrepreneur believes that its cinema circuit design can be implemented under this scheme. It is worth noting that earlier Teterin appealed to the Ministry of Culture, but was rejected.

The Chairman of the Association of producers of film and television, the head of STV film company Sergei Selyanov doubts about the prospects of the project.

– For example, you can build a theater for little money (although far from cheap is not always good), but you still need to keep going. State, utilities, payments to copyright holders, advertising and the list goes on – who will take on this? Especially if you show the Russian cinema – the cost will be difficult to compensate. If the authorities in the regions take this burden on themselves, then the project has a chance. But our experience shows that local authorities agree to it with difficulty – believes Selyanov.

The head of the studio’s production “Profit” Igor Tolstunov, in contrast, believes that the project looks promising and we can try to launch a pilot version of the 1-2 cinemas.

– I know this idea and watched the presentation, but the detailed design study seen. It is clear that the need for cinemas in small towns there. I can not talk about in terms of the attractiveness of the business, particularly at the present time, but it looks like the whole project is really interesting – said Tolstunov. – Climate – only one problem to be faced. But it seems to me that it is possible to run a pilot project and see what happens.

Cosmodrome Vostochny built near the village of Uglegorsk in the Amur region; the first launch of the carrier rocket is scheduled for 2015, the first launch of a manned spacecraft – in 2018. Construction work should be completed before November 30, 2015. Builders have repeatedly reported about behind schedule on individual objects up to two months, assuring that should prompt as possible to overcome it. April 6 became known that the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened a criminal case on the fact of non-payment of wages to builders Baikonur East.

Producer Oleg Teterin participated in the creation of paintings ” Wii “(one of the champions of the Russian film – charges amounted to 1.2 billion rubles),” In sport, just a girl, “a Hollywood project” Chef on Wheels “Jon Favreau with Scarlett Johansson and Dustin Hoffman, and others. Now the production company” Teterin film ” in production kinobiografii journalist Vlad Listyev and adaptation of the novel by the Strugatsky brothers “Monday begins on Saturday».



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